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VSL, Two Macs, and One XS Key
Last post Tue, Aug 16 2005 by plowman, 7 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Aug 10 2005 21:20
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1124
If I didn't want to pony up another 1,000 USD for a second Logic key, what would be the cheapest way to use a second Mac to enlarge an orchestral template using native EXS instruments?

Is one sample playback system better for translations from EXS? Is one side license to be recommended over another in this case?

I'd buy a stand alone EXS playback program for three or four hundred if I could, but I just don't think Apple is going to go there. (I really think Apple is missing a market here. Few of us don't own an older Mac, and we're up against RAM limits as it is.) When you climb the ladder up to 1,000 USD for a second XS key, then a second PC comes into view running Giga -- a platform I already own in VSL.

But I've already *got* an older Mac sitting on the floor like a neglected puppy.

I'm assuming we can't run one XS key to two Macs simultaneously on a hub or y-cable. I've never tried it, though.
Posted on Fri, Aug 12 2005 10:25
by Nigel Watson
Joined on Fri, Dec 20 2002, Cologne, Germany, Posts 365
Hi Plowman!

why not use Logic Express on your other Mac? It's not dongle-protected.

There was a trial version you could download-if it's still available you could check it out.

Posted on Fri, Aug 12 2005 10:44
by cm
Joined on Fri, Dec 20 2002, vienna, Posts 9116
not sure now if logic express is even streaming (although i think they added the exs mkII) .... but the VSL performance tool will not work with express
and remember: a CRAY is the only computer that runs an endless loop in just four hours ...
Posted on Fri, Aug 12 2005 22:36
by Mike Greene
Joined on Fri, Aug 12 2005, Los Angeles, CA, Posts 13
This doesn't work with Logic 7, but I remember when I was on Logic 6 with OS9, once Logic was booted up, I could pull out the dongle and Logic would continue working fine. Might be worth a try.

- Mike Greene
Posted on Sat, Aug 13 2005 15:52
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1124
Thanks, everyone.

If EXSP can't run the performance tool, that would be limiting. But I cannot find the answer to the streaming issue. I've posted at Apple discussions without a reply. Frankly, I doubt that it does stream because no mention is made of that ability on the Apple sales site. They carefully distinguish between EXP and EXPS on their comparison sheet, but there's no information as to exactly how they're different.

And if a playback program doesn't stream, it's not worth much to us with VSL.

I appreciate the lead, Mike. I tried it with 6.4 running 10.3.5, and the program alerts the user as soon as the XS Key is pulled out. I'll choose not to go back to Classic.
Posted on Mon, Aug 15 2005 14:21
by Nigel Watson
Joined on Fri, Dec 20 2002, Cologne, Germany, Posts 365
EXSP does stream (Virtual Memory settings).

here's the trial version if you want to check it out:



Posted on Tue, Aug 16 2005 23:05
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1124
Thanks so much, Nigel. I just downloaded the Express trial, and you are quite right. It does stream. So basically, it's three hundred USD for 64 more EXS instruments on a separate Mac. I was reminded as I test-drove it that Express does not have Space Designer.

I was actually able to run Pro and Express on the same Mac and trigger Express-based EXS instruments through ReWire from Pro. In theory, this is enabling more RAM. But A. it seemed a bit finicky, and B. I didn't know what I was doing, having never used ReWire before.

I'm skeptical that it can be done -- it would be such an obvious short-term workaround to the RAM ceiling discussed here so often, some real guru would have observed it already. And I'm also remembering that mythic thread about running multiple Logics about a year or so ago.

Thanks again.
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