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Posted on Thu, Jun 11 2020 03:45
by Seventh Sam
Joined on Sat, Dec 29 2018, Posts 178

Hey REAPER users,

Attached to this post is a blank orchestral template for use in REAPER pre-configured to route properly to VEP7.  I've included both a project template and a track template for download.

The template consists of one track with the Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 Server Plugin (VST3i) and over 100 tracks with their MIDI routed to that "master" track.

The tracks are organized and color coded into five folders: Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings, and Miscellaneous.  Each folder contains 32 tracks that route their MIDI directly to the Ensemble plugin.  Woodwinds contains tracks that send MIDI on Bus 1 and 2, Brass on Bus 3 and 4, etc. etc.

The tracks are named after the Bus and Channel they send, so matching the tracks to VEP7 is as simple as setting the VEP7 tracks to the corresponding Bus (called a Port in VEP7) and Channel number.  For example: Track 4/13 (found under the Brass folder) will correspond with whatever tracks in VEP7 are set to MIDI port 4 and Channel 13.

The idea behind this template is to load it up, set up whatever instruments you need, and then hide or delete any tracks you aren't using.  It should also be noted that the folders serve only an organizational function - they don't send or receive any MIDI or Audio.

Hope this helps anyone looking for a quick solution to routing REAPER to VEP7!

- Sam

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VEP7_BlankOrchestralTemplate.rar (271kb) downloaded 4 time(s).

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