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Concert D-274 problem
Last post Mon, Jul 13 2020 by Parnil, 4 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Jul 05 2020 17:44
by Parnil
Joined on Fri, Jun 12 2020, Posts 3


I got the demo version of the VSL Steinway and I've been trying for quite a lot of time to find settings that I like.

I kinda settled on 4 mics: condenser and mid2 mostly with a bit of main and surround.

I started noticing a problem and I don't know if it's something in my setup or what else, so I would like someone else checking on this.

The problem is with G#5 and A5, there is a strange "ringing" sound when playing this two keys that all other keys don't have; I don't really know how to describe it, I'm no expert, but it's noticeable and really annoying.

I can hear it mostly on mics mid 1 and mid 2, and also on main; on mics tube and room mix it's even different, the problems seems the release sample that cuts out weirdly.

To replicate this activate only mid 1 and mid 2 and just play in succession G#5 and A5 and you should hear it quite well. For the problem on the release just try soloing tube or room mix.

Can someone confirm this or it's just my problem?

Posted on Sun, Jul 12 2020 15:52
by Parnil
Joined on Fri, Jun 12 2020, Posts 3

UPDATE : I tried a complete reinstall, it seems to have solved the problem with the release sample cut out, but the strange ringing on G#5 and A5 is still there.

I made an example playing a C scale from C5 to C6 and some repetition of F#5-G# G#5-A and A#5-B, you probably need to increase the volume to ear it well.


This is the preset I'm using


Am I going mad or do someone else ear it?

Posted on Sun, Jul 12 2020 18:27
by KevinMe
Joined on Sun, May 10 2020, Posts 17

I had this issue, and it was one of the reasons I returned the D274 during the 14 days.

Posted on Mon, Jul 13 2020 08:45
by Parnil
Joined on Fri, Jun 12 2020, Posts 3

Thank for the response , at least I know I'm not the only one with this issue...

I wonder now if it's a problem only some people have or it's an actual glitch on some sort in the VST

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