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Reverb choices in Synchron Player / need more description
Last post Tue, Jul 28 2020 by cmillar, 3 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Jul 22 2020 17:14
by cmillar
Joined on Thu, Dec 12 2013, Maryland US, Posts 5

Hello, I'm a new user to the Synchron Player and VSL (love it all)

I'm needing some further explanation and descriptions of the Reverb choices in the Sychron Player Mixer.

In the mixer channels, I see the 'Main' output and also the 'Effect' output channel.

Is the 'Reverb' in the effect channel the actual Synchron Stage IR impulse reverb?

And, regarding the 'Algorytmic Reverb' at the bottom of the far-right mixer 'Preset' column. What exactly is this reverb unit and where is it coming from?

Are the microphone setup 'Presets' (at the top of this column) tied in with this 'algorytmic Reverb'? Do the mic presets depend on this reverb for anything? Or, is is just a 'sweetener' to use when desired as described?

What is the best way to ensure that all my instrument choices are actually all playing in the same room and soundstage?

I hear the differences in all the Reverbs, but would love to have some further explanations of possible setups with the Reverbs and Mic preset choices.

Thanks all!

Posted on Sun, Jul 26 2020 09:46
by Andreas8420
Joined on Mon, Dec 02 2019, Vienna, Posts 14

Hello Cam,

I replied to your email case - but I'll post the answer here so that others can find it too:

> Is this Reverb tied in with the ‘IR’ reverb somehow? Is it an entirely different reverb? [This question relates to SYNCHRON-ized libraries]

1) The Reverb FX Plugin & the IR are two different reverbs, placed on top of each other. Feel free to bypass one or the other or both to hear the differences they make. I added a screenshot.

> What exactly is the ‘Algorytmic’ Reverb?

2) The "Algorithmic Reverb" is just an additional way to add artificial reverb to your output. It's deactivated by default on all instrument presets as they have their own "Room Reverb" FX plugin in a dedicated reverb channel we created.

> What is the best way to start with the pure, actual Synchron Stage settings that VSL has so carefully created?

3) By loading one of the ready-to-use presets and start playing. :-) All VSL instruments (SYNCHRON-ized & Synchron libraries) are already seated and balanced correctly to each other.

Best regards & don't forget to enjoy your Sunday! Best, Andreas

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Technical Support - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Tue, Jul 28 2020 15:59
by cmillar
Joined on Thu, Dec 12 2013, Maryland US, Posts 5

Thanks so much for the explanations.

It's a great interface! Makes for quick work and decisions.

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