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Transposition Trick and key switches
Last post Thu, Jul 30 2020 by Macker, 2 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Jul 22 2020 20:30
by mikeyggg
Joined on Fri, Nov 25 2011, Posts 20

Hi all, please forgive if this seems a non-sensical question, still trying to get my head around this.
So I'm trying to assemble a 2nd violins section with Dimension strings, using the same articulations matrix preset as the 1st violins.
If I play in a part using the key switches as I go along, then transpose the midi data up a tone in the sequencer, so I can then pitch it down a tone in VI Pro, achieving use of the upper samples, will that not affect the midi data sent to the matrix? ie. will push each keyswitch matrix setting 2 squares to the right?

Thanks for any light shed on this matter.

Posted on Thu, Jul 30 2020 15:26
by Macker
Joined on Tue, Aug 21 2018, London, Posts 612

It can be a bit arcane at first. The easiest form of the trick is to transpose inbound MIDI notes up a tone by using the Semitone (MIDI-transpose) control in the slot Edit panel in VIPro, and shift the resulting audio pitch back down to nominal by applying a MIDI controller constant value of zero to the Pitchbend input of VIPro.

If you wish to transpose down instead of up, you'll need to use the Octave and Semitone controls together in VIPro slot Edit panel; and of course set the Pitchbend input MIDI controller to maximum value.

Both cases assume VIPro Pitchbend Range is set to its default value of ±200 cents.

These transpose controls in VIPro's slot Edit panel don't affect MIDI notes assigned in VIPro as KeySwitches. You could of course do the MIDI transposition in your sequencer, but as you've noted this would indeed transpose KeySwitches also - unless you do something to prevent that from happening.

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