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Orchestration - surround
Last post Sun, Aug 02 2020 by jshamon, 1 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Aug 02 2020 04:30
by jshamon
Joined on Mon, Jan 22 2018, Posts 40
Hi all,
I’m still learning.

I’m making my projects but there is no way that they sound the way i like it to be, definitely not polished.
So using VEpro7 loading Syncron libraries, through VEpro surround, then i have bunch of tracks, Strings, Brass, Wind and Percussions.
What to do next in terms of exporting all the tracks to surroud 5.1?

Here is what i did,
Using Cuba’s 9.x .. made my audio output surround (but that is by itself is confusing because i don’t have an option of 5.1, it is like 5.0 with 2 stereos - which i don’t know what that meas, and of course there are other options.
Do i change the input too?

Then i render in place, option in Cubase,
Then i get output channels that combines my tracks, so for 20 tracks i might have (and let say ) 4 audio channels

Those audio tracks have the options of 5.1 and 5.1 left - 5.1 right, 5.1 center .. etc (should i leave them on 5.1 or change them to the sub division of that setting .. ie 5.1 left and 5.1 right etc? I’m not sure .. and if i do what do i choose ? Brass to the right? And Violins to the left .. like that?

Then I export as “ Audio Mix “ .. then i have a wave file, but still i don’t like what i hear, still 80% of the sound comes from my front speaker.

So my question is, where do i learn how to do proper legitimate 5.1 sound out of my midi tracks?
Also i saw a video that shows that i might need to make 5 mono channels to create my 5.1 (do i need to go that route), i just think this was maybe 5-6 years ago when Synchron was not exist and old ver of Cubase did not handle it right.

I’m using
VSL Synchron
VEpro 7
Cubase 9.5

Thanks in advance
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