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VEPRO and MIR inline or as a plugin
Last post Sat, Nov 27 2021 by PaoloT, 4 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Aug 16 2020 13:19
by PaoloT
Joined on Tue, Dec 27 2016, Posts 1394


I remember a discussion on this same matter, but I can't find it anymore. However: MIR can be used in a VEPRO instance as an integrated effect, or as an ordinary plugin. In the first case, you can only see the icons of the instruments in the current VEPRO instance in a MIR window. In the second case, the MIR window contains all the icons of all the instruments in all the instances.

Now, unless I’m wrong (not at my studio, and the eLicenser is not working, so I can't try from remote), choosing a room in one of the instances also changes it in the other instances. Various global parameters should be mirrored in the other instances. Therefore, you don't risk to have several different rooms in MIR at the same time.

Also, you will be able to open two VEPRO instances into two separate windows, so it is quite easy to avoid overlapping between instruments, when moving the icons around in the different instances.

With dense arrangements, having separate MIR instances can be useful, to make the editing pane cleaner. For example: if you have the Orchestral, Chamber and Dimension Strings sharing the same space, it is easier to access them separately than in the same window.


Posted on Sun, Aug 16 2020 15:57
by Dietz
Joined on Tue, Aug 06 2002, Vienna / Europe, Posts 8293

Actually it's quite simple:

The "full" version of MIR Pro you find in Vienna Ensemble Pro's selection of "built-in" plug-ins will open new MIR Venue for any instance / tab of VEP. You can import settings from instance A to instance B, but they are not connected, thus you might use different Venues, too.

The "plug-in"-version of MIR Pro is the one you could also open in other hosts like Nuendo or ProTools. It will open one single Venue for all instances.

Both approaches have their pros and cons, so it depends on the task at hand which one you will choose. If you want to de-clutter your MIR stages I would suggest to make use of MIR Pro's "Hide" feature, though.

Kind regards,

/Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sun, Aug 16 2020 16:24
by PaoloT
Joined on Tue, Dec 27 2016, Posts 1394

Dietz, thank you for your detailed answer. Sorry, I was wrong on the "synchronization" between MIR instances.

Yes, the best way is to continue using the plugin version of MIR, and use the Hide function when needed. I can't try at the moment if this can be done in multiple icons at the same time, by selecting the corresponding items in the left column.


Posted on Sat, Nov 27 2021 23:53
by PaoloT
Joined on Tue, Dec 27 2016, Posts 1394

A lot of time later, several changes to my setup, with countless trials and errors, and with the help from Andreas R. from VSL, I may have found the best solution for me: using the MIR Pro embedded in VEPro.

- The embedded version is much lighter. A project loads much faster.

- The embedded version self-configures with not further need of assistance.

- Having just a section of the orchestra shown makes accessing the icons much easier. And my old fear of having some musician stamp over someone's else feet is senseless.

So, embedded be it!


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