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Digital Performer 10.11
Last post Sun, Oct 04 2020 by Bross, 5 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Sep 27 2020 13:24
by Bross
Joined on Mon, Jul 06 2009, Ojai California USA, Posts 13
Hello all. New to this forum.
I wanted to start a DP 10 thread.

We could post templates for Vienna instruments and Ensemble pro 7, and discuss
Problems and best resolve them.

I have been using VSL products since 2009.
I love them. I am a DP fan, as I use DP and used since the 80’s on all TV and film projects.

I recently upgraded Vienna ensemble pro from 6.5 to 7 .

I am NOT able to get ensemble pro 7 to work in DP 10.11

I add a “instrument track” in DP, choose VSL vst in DP menu, and then there is huge selection of instruments, mono , stereo, MAS, 7.1 surround sound etc.
There is no Ensemble 7 pro choice. Just two “Esemble pro (stereo) choices.
First one brings up window of a small size with no graphics, no interface, nothing!
Second one brings up ensemble pro 6.

A. Should the ensemble pro server 64 not start by itself when I add a Ensemble pro (stereo) instrument in DP 10.1?
B. How do I get my Ensemble Pro 7 to launch within Dp? Or even find it?
C. How do I get the Ensemble pro 7 server to launch in DP?
D. What is “ Ensemble pro Input “ in VSL vst in DP?

I now just use saved templates from Ensemble Pro 6, I created years back on a Disney gig... and build off them. As I can’t get Ensemble pro 7 to work in DP 10.1 so I use version 6
It would be nice to have a tutorial or breakdown in steps how to set up Ensemble Pro 7 with 4 sets of 16 midi channels templates. Like
Mine . I have Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Strings with each having 16 channels of midi, with a buss, ( with effects) and master on each section.
I then have same created in midi tracks in DP 10.1 that attach to Vienna ensemble pro, with names of instruments etc. I will share my templates. If you like.

Others try to sell you a DP 10 orchestral template for VSL, but give me a break! I mean in the film TV world we trade and share to help improve the usage of the great library’s, and help fellow composers out by letting compose!

Others please contribute a step by step how to set up a Vienna ensemble pro 7 session with four 16 channel sessions.
It would help sell more Vienna products which equates to more Vienna updated and wonderful library’s. And help us older film composers actually compose music instead of composing templates.

I have a 2010 Mac Pro, 96gb ram dual cpu 12 cores with 10.14 OS.
I use :

1 HD192
3 Motu 24IO’s
UAD octo card
Four 12tb Internal HD’s
48tb external SATA raid
With a bunch of high end class A eq’s, mastering crap. And 4 MOTU MIDI timepieces with tons out midi outboard instruments.
Vintage stuff, like moog, prophet VS, Yamaha montage, Yamaha TX816, everything emu made! Korg, Roland, Kurzweil, like every midi instrument made in last 40 years Ha! I am old?

Please help us all with your knowledge!
When I can learn how to get Vienna ensemble 7 pro to work in DP I will creat a orchestral template and share free for all Vienna people!
With busses, effects etc that I use on my episodically tv and film gigs.
Save all of us Vienna library composers hours upon hours of time and frustration. I have them in version 6 of Vienna ensemble but will share when I convert to Ensemble pro 7. I do so love the Vienna library! I Just think it’s time to get some Digital Performer 10 stuff going. I can’t be the only Film TV composer using it?

Kind Regards
Big B
Posted on Mon, Sep 28 2020 15:07
by richhickey
Joined on Wed, Nov 01 2017, Posts 53

I use DP 10.11 with VEP 7 server.

I start VEP 7 server first. Then all those instruments can 'connect'.

I use the MAS instrument and it works well.

Posted on Thu, Oct 01 2020 08:50
by Bross
Joined on Mon, Jul 06 2009, Ojai California USA, Posts 13

Awesome !Thank you so much. See 6.5 launches automatic. 7 You goto tick it before motu DP launch.


Here is a template. I will try to attach. IT would be cool to have a converter, to migrate 6.5 soups to 7. 

I put both project and DP 10.1 I use a UAD OCTO card with EMT 140 Reverb plate on Vienna, and Liquid Sonics Seventh Heaven Professional on Master DP Fader Buss with (Spaces)= Scoring Stage with it at 10 o'clock on mix of reverb in Seventh Heaven. The true reverb ! I have a Bricassti, but when i am doing mock ups the Liquid Sonics is so dam Close to bricasti Reverb. Hard to tell. I use UAD because it off loads the CPU so i got it for Vienna library and more channels!  My Master bus has

1, Summit Audio Dual Program Tube Eq

2. Neve 5012

3. Ventech 273

4. Neve Portico II MBP

5. Avlon V1 747sp Tube EQ

6. Bricasti Reverb

I Have more neve stuff like 5014, 5043, TC Reverb 4000, Eventide 4500, Warm Audio WA273EQ etc.

I am very pleased and used Liquid Sonics EQ on Stuff that went right on TV! That Patch in SPACES called Scoring stage is the bomb.. I set reverb time to 3.2. Good To go. I A/B it with the real deal Bricasti, Bricasti wins hands down but So dam close you need super man ears to catch it.

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Posted on Thu, Oct 01 2020 08:59
by Bross
Joined on Mon, Jul 06 2009, Ojai California USA, Posts 13

Originally Posted by: richhickey Go to Quoted Post

I use DP 10.11 with VEP 7 server.

I start VEP 7 server first. Then all those instruments can 'connect'.

I use the MAS instrument and it works well.


Thank you! Now to figure out how to get Ensemble 7 pro Server to launch by itself when you open a project in DP that used it..... I hope that template saves you guys time. Vienna is the Bomb for orchestrators. And if we get the template dialed in with pans, efx etc, and post here we can enjoy composing! instead of days on end of aspirin and setups. Please share your templates for DP10.1 and ideas and tricks. We got this thing going. I put files in archive. Let me know if they work. IT does not let you upload vesp64 files. Those are Vienna files! Has website needs to enable that extension. Cheers and enjoy and please tweak and fix and lets get this perfected so we can all enjoy Vienna Lib.

I tried hiding VE 6.5  to see if my projects would launch in 7 but nope! HA 

Kind Regards


Posted on Sun, Oct 04 2020 02:19
by Bross
Joined on Mon, Jul 06 2009, Ojai California USA, Posts 13

Please let me know if the templates work for all you Digital Performer 10.1 Guys. 

I am making more with a better mix so for those who dont own all the Vienna library it will work epic orchestra, and basic synchrony stuff. 

I included the setups for Ensemble 6.5 and Ensemble 7


Kind Regards


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