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Synchron dropouts - how to confirm, diagnose, and fix
Last post Thu, Nov 05 2020 by patmaddox, 1 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Nov 05 2020 20:29
by patmaddox
Joined on Tue, Jun 05 2018, Posts 58

I am running Synchron on a 2013 iMac with a fusion drive. I realize that's a bit slower than the suggested / required SSD. However, it works okay for the most part. Synchron says it can load the libraries at a rate of ~100 MB/s.

I downloaded the VSL for Dorico example files (very cool!) and in the Forrest Gump there's a run at ~1:23 that Synchron says uses ~200 voices. I get dropouts at that point - it's a weird effect, like sounds being reversed or something.

Anyway, I am wondering a couple things:

  1. Is there any indicator in Synchron that dropouts are happening? I don't see anything... but I'd expect to see some kind of disk indicator or something telling me that it can't keep up with the demand. I can hear it, of course.
  2. How can I get Synchron to load more stuff into memory? I have 32 GB of RAM, and Sychron says it's loaded 1 GB of stuff. I've set the preload to a higher value, but still get dropouts. I will try even higher. I understand that Synchron is intended to run off a fast SSD, and my fusion drive might just not cut it - but I also figure there has to be a way to make use of the extra RAM I have.
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