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Audio/Video Problems on IMacPro
Last post Fri, Dec 11 2020 by Nestor, 3 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Nov 23 2020 19:54
by Nestor
Joined on Sun, Mar 06 2011, Posts 2

Hello VSL/IMAcPro users:

I wonder if any of you have experienced these audio/video problems?
For some months now I have been suffering a problem with my IMAC Pro (specs are below).
These problems affect the functioning of my VSL software (VIPro, VEPro) and Youtube (on Opera, Chrome & Safari browsers) and Sibelius.
The problem is that after a period of running and SIB/VI/VE, from 8 hours to several days, and after switching to Chrome(latest version) the audio there begins to crackle and the video breaks up... and after the course of seconds to minutes it ceases altogether—no audio or video. The only solution I have found is to reboot the computer. Given that it takes 20 minutes to load VSL sound-files, this is a major annoyance.
After reboot the audio functions normally again for a period of time, but sooner or later the same problem again disables all audio/video.
It seems more likely that this problem is related to Youtube than VSL software in that this problem always occurs first with Youtube... but after a period of time SIB/VI/VE are also disabled—into silence.
I wonder though, if any of you have had experience with this problem... or if you know anything about it?
Thanks in advance for any responses!
My computer and system software: 
IMAC Pro (2017)
Mojave 10.14.6
3.2 GHz Xeon W
Memory: 64G, 2666 MHz DDR4
alan torok
Posted on Fri, Dec 11 2020 07:47
by Falcowe
Joined on Mon, Nov 06 2017, Nashville, Posts 17

Hey Alan,

So while I haven’t experienced this exact issue I have experienced a similar one with crackling and popping while Google Chorme is running at the same time ProTools is. Especially when using VEPro inside my ProTools orchestration template. I found the culprit to be Google Chrome and so have stopped using it for the most part (completely stopped using it while running ProTools). I found Firefox to be a viable alternative that didn’t exhibit the same behavior. I’d be curious to know if you find the same thing to be true in your situation.

ProTools 2021.7 Ultimate - DAW Machine: MacPro7,1 128GB Ram 16-core AMDW5700X - Slave 1: Windows 10, AMD 1950X 4.2GHz, NVIDIA GT710, 64GB 2666MHz - Slave 2: Windows 10, Intel 7820X 4.7GHz, NVIDIA GT710, 64GB 3666MHz.
Posted on Fri, Dec 11 2020 17:00
by Nestor
Joined on Sun, Mar 06 2011, Posts 2

Hi Falcowe:

Thank you for the response to my query!

I have used only GoogleChrome for some several years now, so I cannot compare it with pother browsers. However, I will try out the others now—starting with Firefox.

I asked Andreas at VSL if any of their users have experienced this problem, but he hadn't heard of it. Nevertheless he asked VSL's chief developer about it. That person suggested that it may have nothing to do with VSL software (I agree), but it sounded to him like "added-up memory leakage" may be involved.

I have also looked up other users' experience with similar IMacPro problems. Several shot in the dark solutions have been tried, but no definitive diagnosis or solutions have yet emerged. (I have not yet questioned Apple about it... that is coming up.)

But I will try your solution next and hope that I get lucky. Will let you know if it works... but it may take some time to establish this.

Sincerely, ALAN T

alan torok
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