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Posted on Wed, Jan 13 2021 21:38
by Seventh Sam
Joined on Sat, Dec 29 2018, Posts 344

Hey all - I have a question for anyone who has an answer:

I currently run a single-computer set-up with adequate but aged (5-ish years old) hardware for running large sample-based projects at low latency.  At some point I'll want to upgrade, however, and at that point it would be extraordinarily useful to use my existing computer as a secondary "sample server" using VEP7 rather than let it go to waste.

My question is this: when the time for upgrading to a newer, more powerful computer comes, does it make more sense to use the newer and faster hardware (i9 cpu, m.2 ssd, etc.) on the secondary computer so that the big, chunky sample libraries (like Synchron Strings Pro and whatnot) can run blazingly fast, or does it make sense to have the main computer with the DAW be the faster one?

For context, my current single computer set-up is Windows 10 on an i7 4820k 4.5ghz quadcore, 2.5TB SSD space, 64gb ddr3 RAM.  (My interface is an RME Babyface Pro, if that matters)  My prospective new computer would most likely be something like an i9 8 or 10 core something or other, 64-128gb RAM, and a 2TB m.2 drive (or whatever is within budget and/or current gen at the time of purchase)

I highly appreciate any advice on this.  I know that the secondary computer needs RAM and SSD space for the samples, but I'm not sure if it also needs the faster processor, or if that's more needed by the main computer and the DAW and OS...


- Sam

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