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Mixing in VE PRO 7 vs Mixing in your DAW
Last post Sun, Feb 14 2021 by BasariStudios, 3 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Feb 12 2021 23:26
by BasariStudios
Joined on Mon, May 14 2012, NYC, Posts 66

I am wondering, do any of you or know someone who strictly or mostly
Mixes in Ve Pro? I am utilizing VE PRO in my systems now, usually 1 Project
Local and 1 Project on a Slave. If i wanna Mix in the DAW i have to send
all those 200 Tracks back into Cubase to be Mixed vs Mixing them in VE PRO
and sending only Busses/Stems back to Cubase. How stable and easy is
Mixing in VE PRO? A lot of times i find the Faders in VE PRO all over the
place and i did not touch them and it scares me...i mixed the song and
then it might end up all messed up. Any thoughts on all this?


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Posted on Sat, Feb 13 2021 00:28
by civilization 3
Joined on Sat, May 16 2009, SF Bay Area, Posts 1807

Yeah, I have mixed from the VE Pro standpoint for years, almost since the beginning.

The thing for me is the automation map in it, which delivers all assigned parameters (now in VE Pro 7 with more-or-less proper names of) to Cubase in one drop-down menu per instance.

What I don't do, additionally, is give Cubase very many outputs to deal with. From 1 to 4 stereo outs, my preferences are set to limit it to '8' ie, 4 stereo. So as per stability, giving VE Pro a lot to handle coming in (worse than) going out, may be less stable due to more resources this tends to take, if for no other reason. I feel my policies are correct. ;) Also note decoupled is more stable than coupled with unless you're coupling next-to-nothing, IME. I should note that not infrequently I use more than one instance in a Server Project; for organizational reasons and to be able to monitor how much load some things use versus others. So I may have in all say 12 stereo outs coming back to Cubase, say from 3 instances.
If most or all of what you do is VI Pro or Synchron libraries this won't be very relevant, other than for one's own organizational and display purposes. I use certain synths which use more (eg., twice that of) CPU than VSL libaries, or Kontakt et al for that matter.

This is much easier for me first of all owing to having all of an instance's parameters in the single menu per its particular Instrument Channel in Cubase, which may be easily hidden. Where the faders are upon launching a project is not relevant, btw; using automation, the faders etc behave according to their instructions with no issues.

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Posted on Sun, Feb 14 2021 17:11
by BasariStudios
Joined on Mon, May 14 2012, NYC, Posts 66

Originally Posted by: civilization 3 Go to Quoted Post

Yeah, I have mixed from the VE Pro standpoint for years, almost since the beginning.

Thanks. I am doing some experiments now to find a workflow i am comfortable with
and i see advantages both ways, i do not use too many INs in VE PRO 7 but the other
day i raised the OUTs to 120, lol. As for as Decoupling goes i gave up trying to understand,
for the life of me i tried so hard to understand it. Tried both ways and could not see and
figure out the difference. Only once, only once when i opened the Cubase session it opened
VE PRO 7 Session on its own too but i never recreated it again. And yes, i will try to use it
on more CPU heavy Instruments, such as Diva, Analog Laboratory and so on, it doubles my
CPU usage combined with Cubase. I've heard that working Coupled and Decouple before
Saving the Project in Cubase is what most people do.


Reality is due to Lack of Weed
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