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New Computer = much worse performance?
Last post Sat, Feb 20 2021 by dlpmusic, 2 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Feb 20 2021 00:29
by dlpmusic
Joined on Sun, Jan 19 2003, Posts 289

I am baffled to what is going on here with the latest version of VE PRO 7.  I have many machines with a lot of experience.  The ne machines can run Cubase as expected....but running VE PRO yields terrible results.  The text below is what I sent support.  If anyone has any thoughts please share.....




Super frustrated.....I upgraded am Intel 5960x (8 core)  with a very large orchestral template that ran at 50% CPU.  I upgraded to a machine (9900k) I was using for about a year running Cubase.  Now that machine should be at least 30% faster...but it is not it is running terrible with a idle load of 82%.  I thought maybe there was some component causing an issue....so I built a whole new machine based on the 8 core RYZEN 3700x which is similar in benchmarks as the 9900k processer.  It is running it just as bad with 82% load.  Please advise.  I have a 14 core Intel that also works beautifully.  I can not figure after wasting 3 full days now why a 5960x machine works so much better.  I have a very large template and I tested much smaller 16 instances of each plugin, i.e., Kontakt, Omnisphere, etc...  With a small setup/template the new machines perform as expected and better than the older 5950x.  It is only when he template gets large that the effect of poor performance becomes more exaggerated.  I hope you can help solve this.

Posted on Sat, Feb 20 2021 22:23
by dlpmusic
Joined on Sun, Jan 19 2003, Posts 289

I thought I would possibly save some others from the frustartion I have been having.  I believe I have traced the problem to corrupt preference files that unfortunately have corrupted my huge template.....and now I probably have to rebuild unless Vienna is able to help.  Here is some of what I wrote to them just as an FYI....


After 4 days of trouble shooting I found the problem....which is a huge problem for me.  Unfortunately the problem was caused by Vienna Ensemble corrupt preferences on my older machine where my massive template was made.  Now it seems the template is corrupt with excessive CPU load that has more than double load on the newer faster machine.
  I am attaching the bad preferences along with the rebuilt good preferences.  I am also attaching a couple of project files.  One project file was made with the BAD preferences.  It is just a bunch of blank Kontakt 6 instances.  On my Intel 5960x the CPU load was 42%, on the RYZEN 3700x the CPU load was 94%.  The file was rebuilt on the 5960x after I rebuilt the preferences.  Now that file opens on both machines with about a 1% CPU load............
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