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Vienna Instruments canot find its sounds
Last post Tue, Mar 02 2021 by toodamnhip, 3 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Mar 01 2021 19:41
by toodamnhip
Joined on Sat, Jun 09 2012, Posts 87

I am sooo outraged, but will try to keep from yelling after a whole night of frustration. I cannot for the life of me get Vienna Instruments to see its orchestra sounds I tried my best to uninstall, reinstall, scan over and over, and whenever I bring up the Vienna player, NO sound or presets show anywhere. I have rescanned directories, deleted some of Vienna prefs everything I can think of. 

1) I need your help

2) I say this with due respect for VE Pro, I have used it for years but feel your installation system is stuck in the stone ages. So many different things so confusing.

3) I need a step by step instruction guide that starts with a complete UN install and step by step on how to go through all your nutty installers to get the Orchestra 2.0 sounds and presets to be SEEn and work. All of this for one damn trumpet I used years ago.


Again, after pointing reinstalling, scanning etc, the player will not see any sounds or presets..

There is absolutely NOTHING showing in the press matrix patch area


Thank you

OS 10.10.3 DP 9.0
Posted on Mon, Mar 01 2021 20:54
by Bill
Joined on Fri, Sep 23 2005, Berkshires, MA, Posts 1269

Open Directory Manager

Drag the folder containing your VSL instruments into the DM

The end...

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Posted on Tue, Mar 02 2021 09:34
by toodamnhip
Joined on Sat, Jun 09 2012, Posts 87

Yah, I tried that several times, didn't work. What DID work eventually, was to keep ripping everything Vienna out of my system and attempt several re installs. I had to also go to prefs and rip things out. Still not sure what other collateral damage was done to VE pro by doing that, we'll see as I access songs. The thrust is, Vienna has the worst, most convoluted installation protocols I have EVER seen. There's various utilities require too much user work. The ONLY thing I want to have to do, is point to WHERE I store the libraries and be done.

Also, there SHOULD be a way to point at the sounds from other locations should the sounds get moved instead of using that TERRIBLE directory manager As of now, I have the OLD V instruments library working, and the new one isn't yet. But I am not messing with it anymore because I need one stupid horn from the original library and I have to finish a project. Once I do, I will again deal with the worst installation and authorization protocols of this company. Once running, VE Pro is a god send. But they need to seriously reconsider their whole installation protocol and make thing user friendly. For example, when uninstalling, I was asked to re enter auth codes, and then told I had already used them. Many users would have stopped there and contacted support for a new code. Fortunately, I told the program Id handling's auth later, only to find out I didn't need them because I was already authorized. Why didn't the installer know this? Because it is a piece of crap. Yet another example of this entire stupid installation protocol where one hand does not know what The other is doing. Want another example?

OK, the dumb installer program refused to finish installing saying the Vienna key program was old, only to force me to quit the installer and lose progress because I could not update the V key program without quiting the other installer. How retarded! Again, this is a company that has a MESS for installation, and the reason to me is most likely years of neglect, patching old installation protocols into each other until one install utility has NO clue what the other part is doing. These installers, to put it very simply..SUCK! I love VE Pro otherwise. Come on guys fix your shit! You cost me 400 today in down time. 

OS 10.10.3 DP 9.0
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