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IP address questions
Last post Thu, Mar 11 2021 by Schnarro, 4 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Mar 10 2021 20:18
by alexvanderPlas
Joined on Wed, Jan 13 2021, Posts 2

Hello everybody,

I've read this post here below that talks exclusively about setting up static ip addresses on both machines(master and slave) but it doesn't say anything about the router setup and my tablet attached.


My setup is as follows. Modem coming in the house and i have a gigabit router connected to this. On that router i have hooked up my master pc- slave pc - android box (with touchscreen attached). Here are my questions:

1: Do i need a static ip adress on the router as well?

2: Does my android box also nee a static ip adress? (I use this to control cubase via osc)

Thank you for taking the time!

greetz alex

Posted on Wed, Mar 10 2021 21:26
by Bill
Joined on Fri, Sep 23 2005, Berkshires, MA, Posts 1046

In your Router you'd want to "reserve" the ip addresses you assign to your two PCs so that it doesn't try and give those ips out to some new device attached to the network.

I can't answer about the Android, but it can't hurt

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Posted on Wed, Mar 10 2021 22:39
by alexvanderPlas
Joined on Wed, Jan 13 2021, Posts 2

Thank you so much for making that clear!

Posted on Thu, Mar 11 2021 06:50
by Schnarro
Joined on Sun, Feb 03 2019, Germany, Posts 6


(1): As Bill said. The DHCP setting still makes sense, but with static IPs for the PCs.

(2): First of all, yes it makes sense to assign a satic IP to your Android Box, as Bill said as well. ;-) The router has a range of IPs to assign to the network. E.g. 192.168.2.(2-255). So with DHCP on only the last number changes. Somehow you could run into problems, if that is not the case. If you have your Master-PC( - static), your Slave ( - static) & your Android Box (192.168.5.xx via DHCP) it could happen, that OSC couldn't find your devices you want to control (because not only the last number changed). But normally you should be fine & that won't happen.


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