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Posted on Sat, Apr 03 2021 21:16
by Mavoz
Joined on Fri, Mar 25 2016, Horsham, Posts 5

Hi. I'm still quite new to this whole virual instrument world...I've just upgraded to Synchron from SE 1, really like the new interface..

but .wondering if someone can help me with a few basics I can't figure out..even afer watching tutorial videos etc..

1.) What is a strategy to standardise articulation controls? Do you program it to the same spot? Use a second controller just for articulations? Buy a Komplete Keyboard with the fancy coloured lights?

I've always found it tricky to navigate the way the keys to choose articulations / dimensions change locations on every instrument.

ie. On one instrument they might be at C1...and then the sub dimension is up at C7, then on the next instrument if might be C1 and A1....to my thinking it would easier if this was standardised..

I thought maybe I should customise every instrument to the exact same location...ie use the right hand side of my 88 keys for the playable area...and then place the core controls always at C0 and C1...

Problem: Is there a way to choose the playable area position? 

I can see I can change the articulation location...from C1 to C0 for example...but not where the playable range starts? (ie If I want to move it right? Up an octave...but just not in pitch)

Or would it just be easier to use a dedicated articulation controller of some sort like one of those Maschine type things? How do you do it?

2.) Can you program the articulations to actually use a different controller? Where do you do that? 

3.) When you customise the articulations...how do you save the customisation? Sorry I couldn't find a save button!

Thanks for any advice.

Posted on Mon, Apr 05 2021 13:00
by Ben
Joined on Sat, Mar 06 2021, Los Angeles, Posts 88


1) You can move the playing range without altering pitch by changing the tuning settings of the selected slot:

2) Do you mean different CC's to switch articulations? You can set the controller to a keyswitch, program change, or Dimension Controller (which can be set to CC, aftertouch, speed, and more):

3) Your customizations will be saved in the DAW project. But you can also save it as preset for use in other projects as well:


Workflow regarding articulation switching: It heavily depends on personal preference and your DAW. So here are a few examples:
- Classic: Many users still prefer to work with plain keyswitches in the DAW's MIDI-editor (simply add the required MIDI notes)
- Classic CC: Same as working with keyswitches, but using one or multiple CC to set the articulation.
- Expression Maps: If you use Cubase or Nuendo you might want to take a look at Expression Maps (we offer free Expression Maps for our products in the download area under "Notation Related")
- NEW: Sound Variation: Together with Presonus we developed a new articulation system called Sound Variation. Right now it works with the Synchron Player in combination with Studio One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-jHIVTI0u4
ou can check this out by downloading the demo version of Studio One 5.2 and downloading the demo projects from our download area under "Tutorials". There are a few projects using mostly the Special Editions.

Best, Ben

Ben @VSL
Posted on Mon, Apr 05 2021 20:57
by Mavoz
Joined on Fri, Mar 25 2016, Horsham, Posts 5

Thanks Ben..that is all really helpful. Much appreciated!

With the articulations question I was wondering if I should use a dedicated extra midi controller...it looks like I can use the 'Learn' function to do that.

Anyway thank you so much..appreciate your assistance!

Posted on Sun, Apr 18 2021 16:03
by welltempered
Joined on Fri, Feb 26 2021, Posts 12

Originally Posted by: Mavoz Go to Quoted Post

Hi. I'm still quite new to this whole virual instrument world...I've just upgraded to Synchron from SE 1

As a fellow newbie, I’d urge you to consider the new Sound Variations feature in Studio One mentioned by Ben.  I switched from Logic to Studio One in order to use this, and it has been fantastic (and you can check around and see that other adopters have been very pleased as well).  You don’t have to think about how to program keyswitches, CC or program changes and the pros and cons of various methods - you can immediately focus on the musical possibilities of the articulations.  And you never have to worry if you’re doing the programming correctly or anticipating future changes - VSL is doing that for you!

The extent of the benefit depends on which Synchron products you use, or are likely to use in the future.  If you just have Synchronized SE Vol 1 and are not planning on more, that’s only 12 articulations so it should be not as difficult to do yourself, and not worth switching DAWs for.  But if you have Synchron Strings Pro (or think you may in the future) - that’s 127 articulations.  (These numbers are based on the number of articulations programmed by VSL in their Sound Variations feature in Studio One.)  And Paul has mentioned that this Sound Variations feature will be available for future Synchron products as well ( and VSL’s future development efforts are focused on the Synchron line).

As newcomers, you and I don’t have existing large templates or other switching costs in using the new Sound Variations.  In this case, being newcomers actually gives us an advantage that it enables us to leapfrog legacy techniques.

Posted on Tue, Apr 20 2021 09:49
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 12791


Sound Variations work out of the box with any Synchron products... that's the beauty of it!

Regarding dedicated MIDI Controllers: There's a lot of choice out there, and once you have those controllers in your "muscle memory", you will not want to live without them. You just need to find the right ones!


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
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