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Posted on Tue, May 04 2021 10:04
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 13436

Hi everybody!


The final part of the Big Bang Orchestra Bundle is now available: Big Bang Orchestra: Ymir - Children's Choir!


We recorded 24 young singers between 8 and 14 years: The “Gumpoldskirchner Spatzen” children’s choir. 

With a tradition of over 70 years, this illustrious choir has performed at the Vienna State Opera, many years at the famous “Christmas in Vienna” concerts, as well as on countless recordings with luminaries such as Leonard Bernstein, Sir George Solti, Claudia Abbado, Diana Ross, Michael Bolton, Charles Aznavour and many others. 


The children sang the vowels AA and UU as sustains and legatos, as well as humming MM. Attack consonants include L, B, and N.


And as always you get multiple mics - so you have full control over the sound!


The best part: If you are an owner of the BBO: Bundle - you will get this one for free!

If not, get the bundle before June 1st, and you'll get this one for free as well (bundle is currently on sale)!


Get the BBO Bundle here for € 1690 (regular € 1890)

BBO: Ymir is available here for € 65 (regular € 95)


Still not convinced? Try out everything from the BBO Bundle yourself - free 30 days licenses are available on the product pages!



FREE for all BBO Bundle owners:

BBO: Zodiac (Supermassive Ensembles)






BBO: Andromeda (Essentials)

BBO: Black Eye https://www.vsl.co.at/BBO_BlackEye (Phrases & FX)

BBO: Capricorn (Symphonic Riffs)



BBO: Neptune (Tutti Woodwinds)

BBO: Orion (Woodwind Sections)

BBO:Solaris (FX Woodwinds)



BBO: Hercules (Low Brass)

BBO: Izar (Low Brass Clusters)

BBO: Jupiter (Horns)

BBO: Kopernikus (Trumpets)



BBO: Dorado (Percussion Ensembles)

BBO: Eridanus (Percussion Ensembles Riffs)

BBO: Fornax (Pitched Percussion Ensembles)

BBO: Phoenix (Pitched Solo Percussion)

BBO: Quasar (Solo Percussion)



BBO: Ganymede (Choirs)

BBO: Ymir (Children’s Choir)



BBO: Lyra (High Strings)

BBO: Musca (Low Strings)

BBO: Regulus (FX Strings)

BBO: Tana (1st Violins)

BBO: Ursa (2nd Violins)

BBO: Vega (Violas)

BBO: Wallia (Cellos)


BBO: Xenia (Basses)





Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Tue, May 04 2021 14:26
by PaoloT
Joined on Tue, Dec 27 2016, Posts 1326

Oh, is it already Dad's Day? Thank you to the kids for the beautiful gift!


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