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Posted on Sat, May 08 2021 14:50
by Blatboy
Joined on Fri, Nov 05 2004, NYC, Posts 9

Greetings.  I am brainstorming this morning. (ahhh caffeine)

I use LPX on a MacBook Pro triggering samples from a PC using VE.  It works, but can be wonky at times.  I'm going though multiple switches.  I know that can add to problems.

I ordered an M1 Mac mini w/a 10G Ethernet port.  I already use a thunderbolt 3 dock with an ethernet port, so the Mini will have access to two ethernet ports.

If I picked up a 10G network card for the PC (giving it two Ethernet ports) would I be able to do connect the 10G ports from PC to Mac together directly -- only for use with VE (no routers, no switches... a direct connection), while using the regular gigabit ports for my regular networking, internet etc etc?  

In my mind, this should work really nicely. Question #1 - Would it?

Question #2 What sort of network setup would one need to do for the direct connection on a separate network?  I'm guessing both 10G NIC cards would need to be in the same subnet? Static IP? Or, set up a DHCP server on the Mac?  I don't think I've connected two computers directly without a router/switch since the Laplink days hahah.

Thanks in advance for any insights you may have.

Posted on Sun, May 09 2021 16:42
by Blatboy
Joined on Fri, Nov 05 2004, NYC, Posts 9

After more forum diving here, it seems that 10G is a negligible improvement as it applies to VEP.  I'm still going to get a 10G card for the PC... I'm guessing a direct connection (of any type) is going to be better than what I have now... as there are multiple switches between my two computers (I have a fairly...involved...network in my studio)

Once I've installed the card I just have to figure how to have VEP use the 10G NIC connection exclusively, as the computers will still "see" each other via my regular network.  I wonder if the master computer will "see" two different connections to the PC.  Only one way to find out... :)  Maybe I have a messed up idea of "fun" but I'm kinda looking forward to setting it up and seeing if I can get it to work.

Posted on Wed, May 26 2021 15:55
by Auggybendoggy
Joined on Wed, Oct 02 2019, Posts 29

please keep us posted.

Posted on Fri, Jun 04 2021 01:18
by Blatboy
Joined on Fri, Nov 05 2004, NYC, Posts 9

It's taken a minute, but I've made great progress.  

I picked up a 10GB card for the PC/Slave.  I didn't have a spare slot for it;.. it wasn't a 1X PCIe, which is all I had available.  I could have reworked things, but that would have cost a lot of $$, and at $200 for the 10G card, I was already operating at a loss.  (I'm sure I'll be able to use it one day)

I picked up a $15 1G NIC for the PC/Slave.  I installed it and set up an ad hoc network between the PC/Slave and the Mac/Master.  Both computers have two NIC connections, and I assigned them on an unused subnet and used. no gateway.

It took a few tries, but eventually I got a connection on VE.  It's pretty rock solid.  Initial tests have negligible latency and good sound with a buffer size of 128 and it's not even in Logic's "Low Latency Mode" 

I'm sure it'll change once I slap a zillion instruments on there, but this is already so much better than it was before.  

Posted on Wed, Jun 16 2021 05:51
by murphy761
Joined on Fri, May 01 2015, USA, Posts 65

Hello Blatboy,

Please share your network settings for your ethernet card such as negotiation speed, duplex, and MTU settings. Thanks in advance.

Pro Tools 2022.10
UAD Apollo 8
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