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Redmatica Not Seeing Vienna-Please Help
Last post Sun, Sep 11 2005 by agoz, 4 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Sep 09 2005 17:06
by chrisbjork@mac.com
Joined on Wed, Sep 07 2005, Posts 3
I'm running Logic Pro 7.1 with OS 10.4.2 and I just installed Redmatica's Exs Manager and pressed the Relink Button in Simplified Mode...

The Exs Manager seems to have scanned and seen most of what is in my
Logic/AKAI Samples Folder and
Logic/Sampler Instruments Folder....

What it is not seeing is VSL

I installed all the VSL Sampler Instruments using this path...
Logic/Sampler Instruments/Vienna Performance/01 Violin Ensemble - 14
Logic/Sampler Instruments/Vienna Performance/02 Viola Ensemble - 10 (etc.)

I then installed the Performance Samples on seperate SATA Drive
(Drive/VSL Performance Samples/01 Violin ensemble - 14) etc.

and the Orchestral Cube Samples on yet another seperate SATA Drive
(Drive/VSL Orchestral Cube Samples/01 Violin ensemble - 14) etc.

I then made alias's..
(Vienna Orchestral Cube alias)
(Vienna Performance Samples alias)

and dragged them to the
Logic/Sampler Instruments Folder...

and here I am, withe the Exs Manager not seeing VSL

If someone could help, I would reall appreciate it.


Posted on Sat, Sep 10 2005 20:33
by plowman
Joined on Sat, Dec 13 2003, Posts 1174
The following assumes that EM can see the instruments in "Sampler Instruments," but it's not finding the samples. (If it can't even find the VSL instruments, perhaps you could post again and further detail what settings you're using in EM.)

Try advanced mode. Set "Sample Dir" to a specific VSL folder on your external drive. Use the "Set" navigation to find your way to it, so you're certain that it's a bonefide VSL sample folder on your external drive.

Then check "Include samples from: 'Sample Dir'" and make sure that nothing else is checked. Now EM will only look in that particular folder on your external drive for samples. (For the sake of trouble-shooting, don't use aliases.)

Set Inst dir, navigate to Sampler Instruments, and select a folder of EXS instruments that you are absolutely sure uses the samples you selected above.

Press Analyze. In theory, you should have at least some complete instruments.

If everything is incomplete, then click on "Unused Samples" on the side bar and make sure that EM at least found the .wav files, even if they weren't being used by the instruments you'd set. Double-click on a .wav to make sure you can hear it (mine launches iTunes for playback). At that point, you've verified that EM is finding the samples on your external drive -- it's now a matter of broadening the search paths to include the rightful EXS instruments of those samples.

Trace hits and misses. I've got a feeling light bulbs will start going on. As soon as you can make at least one instrument find its samples, the picture gets clearer.

When "Sample dir" is properly chosen, it shouldn't be necessary to create aliases of sample drives for the "Sampler Instruments" folder. And it would lead to some very llong search times, I'd think.

I suspect that EM is finding the converted Akai instruments and samples because by default or without your knowledge, it's been asked to look in the right places for both the .exs (in Inst dir) and .wav files (in Sample dir).

I further suspect that you may have already solved the problem by the time you read this post. And a belated welcome to VSL's cheery forum.
Posted on Sun, Sep 11 2005 00:18
by musos
Joined on Sun, Dec 08 2002, Johannesburg, South Africa, Posts 916
Just to add a little to what Plowman said:
I've found that ExsManager is more successful when you re-link smaller specific sets or groups of instruments and samples.

However, it appears you have the Performance set, which is a big bunch of stuff!

Be aware that apart from the main area where you SET a search path, you can define PATHS. Look for the <Paths> button on the left hand side. Here you can add more places for ExsM to search if required. You have 2 drives, with the perf samples on one and the "regular" samples on the other.

So, you could define a path like this:
My Drive/VSL Performance Samples

and also:
My Drive/VSL Orchestral Cube Samples/

This will make ExsM search in all sub-folders at those paths.

Hope this makes sense....

Regards - Colin
Posted on Sun, Sep 11 2005 14:56
by agoz
Joined on Sun, Aug 31 2003, Posts 108
Hello Chris,
you always have to remember that ExsManager does *not* follow aliases, so you simply have to point it to the "true" folders/drives.

Best Regards
Andrea at Redmatica
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