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Divisi in Dorico 4 with Special Edition volumes 1-7
Last post Sat, Jan 15 2022 by Bela75002, 3 replies.
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Posted on Fri, Jan 14 2022 21:57
by Bela75002
Joined on Wed, Feb 25 2015, Posts 28

Hi there,

I'm doing some divisi strings tests using the playback template of VSL Synchronized Special Edition.

I created a short line of music for violins, starting in unisson, then spliting into divisi. 

Having all of the Special Editions, I choose as a playback template Special Editions vol. 1-7. 

This should lead Dorico to pick, among the different strings library, the Dimension Strings one, in which you can decide, by a key swith, to hear 8, or 4 (there are two groups of 4), or 2 players (there are 4 groups of 2).

I wish by default Dorico would bring up the Dimension violin with 8 player. That would suit perfectly the unisson moments.

Unfortunately it chooses to have only 4 (first group).

When I turn the irv button it creates a second vst with Dimension Strings and assigns it to the other 4 players (the second group).

Which leads to this: when in unisson I have 4 players, when in divisi mode I have 8.

When it should be: 8 players in unisson, and in divisi 4 players playing a line, 4 other players playing another line.

Did I miss something, or is it a limitation?

In a perfect world, Dorico should create three instruments per track when it comes to unisson...

A bit annoying too: when a VSL Synchron library loads, it's with Velocity XF turned off, making all the progressive dynamics impossible... you have to turn it on instrument by instrument... Or, again, did I miss something?

Thanks for your advices...



PS: still, I think Dorico is a wonderful software, just like VSL Products...

Posted on Sat, Jan 15 2022 08:36
by andi
Joined on Wed, Feb 18 2004, Vienna, Posts 3478

Hello Bela!

If you want all 8 dimension violin players to get played, you can simply switch to the first dimension of the loaded preset called "All players". If you want to switch between dimensions during your piece, you can add add keyswitches to your score. Unfortunately it's not easy to hide keyswitch notes with Dorico, but as far as I know it can be done by colouring the notes white.

Velocity XF turned on needs much more streaming power. Big scores with Velocity XF turned on would bring the computers of many users to its limits. That's why this setting is turned off by default. You might find the optimization tips in our Dorico Quickguide helpful.

Best regards,

Andreas Olszewski
Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Sat, Jan 15 2022 08:47
by Bela75002
Joined on Wed, Feb 25 2015, Posts 28
Thanks Andi, I will try this workaround! Best, B.
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