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Posted on Fri, Apr 22 2022 07:35
by christerdk
Joined on Tue, Nov 30 2021, Posts 21

Hi good people,

Been sketching with the Tutti patch. Simple stuff, because it's just backing strings. I have three lines, all Long notes, soft release and I'm using Tutti Ambiance Room mix. Later a line in a higher register comes in.

After sketching I want to convert to separate tracks, as especially the higher register needs better modulation automation.

After separating out the midi the it struck me that while I'm using the same articulations and mixer preset each track, it sounded a little dull and too close. It was lacking shimmer / sparkle. I then doubled the violins with violas, which gave a better result.

Of course, I assume the difference lies in the fact that one note in Tutti may trigger more than one section. Also, the sound of the separate tracks is slightly more boxy and I'm wondering if it's the compounded effect of separate reverbs instead of the one in Tutti glueing all together?

Are there some considerations or advice to achieve the same sound, division of responsibility and a more cohesive sound? 

Thanks in advance!

Posted on Sat, Apr 23 2022 16:23
by civilization 3
Joined on Sat, May 16 2009, SF Bay Area, Posts 1942

I don't know what 'separate reverbs' refers to there. I use the given reverb channel only if I want distance, using the preset 'distant', *maybe* ambient in certain cases.

AFAIC, best practice means more is not necessarily more; in the classic studio paradigm, one reverb with sends rather than insert reverb on the individ. channels. There are mixer presets in Synchron that call a plate or another 'room' reverb but in general this is too much going on for me.

Also in general, Synchron libraries seek to give a convincing ensemble effect reflecting in a room accurately, so less is more in this paradigm. But, the late reflections or tail may be enhanced via the MIRacle plugin from MIR Pro; if it's about pure late reflections (convolution level -∞) even as an insert on a channel if the choice of room is judicious. Mixing room sounds gets muddy quick.

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