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How to convert existing Logic projects with VI to VI iLok
Last post Wed, Apr 27 2022 by petethomas, 1 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Apr 27 2022 17:24
by petethomas
Joined on Wed, Mar 02 2005, Southampton, Posts 101

I have a Vienna Orchestral Cube right from since it was released on EXS24, then upgraded to VI so have invested many £1000s in it. But now I see that at some stage the Vienna key will/may be redundant so converted to iLok.

But now I am having some issues.

After installing VI Pro (to use with the iLok library) it seems to work fine (with the iLok library)

However the install deleted the old VI instruments and so my existing projects no longer work. As advised by support I then reinstalled the old VI from my downloads area and the existing projects work again using the Vienna key. However what happens if/when the Vienna key becomes redundant? 

The docs ( https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Hello_iLok ) say that 

However, Steinberg’s eLicenser License Server will not be available forever. Once it shuts down, license downloads to and license transfers between ViennaKeys/USB eLicensers will no longer be possible. 

So I am concerned that at some stage I will no longer be able to use those older projects.

It also says this:

7. Open and save your existing projects.

After you have installed all iLok compatible software components and sample content, open the project in your DAW. When your computer is online, the VSL part of your project will be converted in the background. Then save the project again and you’re done. When your music computer is offline, you need to connect your ViennaKey/USB eLicenser with the corresponding licenses to open and save your project. The online solution guarantees that you will always be able to convert your projects in years to come, without the need to keep intact physical eLicenser keys.

However that doesn't seem to work. The instrument in Logic is not getting converted to the iLok VI Pro version

So can anyone help please. I have tried support but they are obviously very busy which is fair enough, maybe someone here can help, thanks.

Pete Thomas


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