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Simulating air motion for VI Voices with new MIR
Last post Tue, Sep 20 2022 by Macker, 1 replies.
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Posted on Tue, Sep 20 2022 10:10
by Macker
Joined on Tue, Aug 21 2018, London, Posts 593

Following my marathon viewing of Royal funeral services yesterday I'm in a mood for some gorgeous sounding SATB. Also, I'm in no mood to pay much heed to my intellect right now. I just wanted to use my VI Voices in beautiful acoustic settings like I heard yesterday.

So I followed a hunch about how to trick new MIR into giving me the lovely 'airy' acoustics I wanted, from dry VI. 

I've already found that by feeding Tree mics in Synchron instruments to new MIR, the final sound seems to me somewhat less still and 'crystalline' than the usual convolution reverb sound. So for VI Voices, I had the idea that by inserting some modulated algorithmic reverb before MIR, I might persuade MIR to loosen up and render a much more dynamic, perhaps even 'ethereal' kind of airy reverb.

Tried it. It works for me. Maybe it'll work for you too.

Couldn't the same result be had by adding modulated algorithmic reverb after MIR? Maybe, maybe not; I just don't want to go there at the moment. I'm following an intuitive hunch, intuitively.

To get reverb modulation happening independently in left and right channels for a headphone mix, I sent VI left channel to one algoverb unit, and VI right channel to a similar unit, routing the signals such that I had effectively an independent mono-to-mono algoverb on the left and on the right (no need for cross-feed in this case). Then I altered the modulation and various other characteristics of each of these algoverb units to yield slight left-right differences, and passed the results on to MIR (Gateshead) set fully wide and fully wet. The algoverbs had similar RT to Gateshead (2 Seconds). Finally the overall wet/dry balance was set by mixing dry VI with all-wet verb return.

Ooooohhh yes.

"Music embodies feeling without forcing it to contend and combine with thought, as it is forced in most arts and especially in the art of words."
~ Franz Liszt
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