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Fazioli F308
Last post Mon, Jan 09 2023 by Mary, 5 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Dec 21 2022 11:54
by Mary
Joined on Tue, Oct 18 2016, Posts 20

Hi all,

Well after a week of editing and trying out other users presets and a build-up of frustrations I traded my Fazioli F308 standard library for the Bosendorfer 280 VC. Much to my relief and satisfaction. I own the Bluthner 1895. Nice but rather limited in usage and the incredible Yamaha CFX! And now the Bosendorfer 280 VC. I really hope that other Fazioli users who are not 100% happy at the moment will get a sufficient update. I really hope so. I don't have the patience for it. And I should'nt forget to compliment VSL on their Refund policy. Very flexible and straight forward. Have a happy Xmas and New Year you all.



Posted on Sat, Jan 07 2023 18:38
by David S Pogorelec
Joined on Mon, Jun 28 2021, USA Chesapeake Virginia, Posts 5

I am curious what you did not like about the Fazioli F308 standard library.  I have the Bosendorfer 280 VC standard library and just recently acquired the Fazioli standard.  I use Presonus Studio One 5 to create my piano "presets".  For my controller, I use a Kawai VPC1; with the combination of Fabfilter Pro 3 EQ (in Studio One) and the velocity curve adjusted (in the Synchron Piano player), I can get a pretty decent sounding instrument.  Playing with the mix options (in the Synchron Player) to get the best microphone combination for either piano is a little bit of work (a matter of trial and error).  Overall, to my ears, I never could get the Bosendorfer to sound as good as the Fazioli; I like a deep low end on a piano, which is easy to accomplish with the Fazioli.  To my taste, I found the sustain on the higher registers of the Bosendorfer better than the Fazioli.  So to get the best of both worlds, I run both pianos at the same time, using keys A-1 to G4 on the Fazioli and G#4 to C7 on the Bosendorfer.  I found that I needed to do some minor volume adjustments on certain notes on the Bosendorfer (A4, B flat4 and B), but after that and running separate EQ's for each piano) I am happy.  I little adjustment of the "Body" and "Smooth Attack" settings also helps.  I agree that running a piano just in the standalone player, with stock presets does not get the pianos sounding at their best.    

Posted on Sat, Jan 07 2023 22:04
by Mary
Joined on Tue, Oct 18 2016, Posts 20

Hallo David,

I really really tried to get the right feel of the Fazioli. Its so personally and difficult to explain. I own the Yamaha CFX and already straight out of the box I was comfortable with that instrument. A few minor adjustments and I could play the piano for hours. Same or rather even more goes for the Bosendorfer 280 VC witch I traded for the F308. I found a great velocity curve from David Bello witch I thankfully adopted. It was a specific velocity curve for the 280 VC. I'm totally in love with the Bosendorfer. Playing the F308 for 30 minutes left me completely exhausted! No matter how hard I tried I could'nt get the punch/oemph nor that subtle, delicate sound out of the Fazioli. Also the lack of tonal differences with should come with different velocities really frustrated me. Either played loud or soft, the sound changes way too few to my taste. You can think of the F308 as the best balanced piano, tonal/intonation wise. I'd say the Fazioli is a little dull within the dynamics. Although the Fazioli's actual tone is very well captured. So there you have it. My very personal opinion of the Fazioli F308. As always it boils down to a persons taste. You can't argue that. I'm glad you like the F308 and I find your half Fazioli half Bosendorfer solution truly ingenious! 



Posted on Sun, Jan 08 2023 17:19
by C.B.
Joined on Wed, Aug 11 2010, Quebec Canada, Posts 134

Hi Mary,


I own the Bosendorfer 280 VC and the Steinway D-274 from VSL (both full library). I find them unbeatable for music production. I own the older VSL Vienna Imperial (recent iLok update). I didn’t try the Fasioli yet.


I also have a real seven feet Japanese grand piano which I play with great pleasure (but rarely record it). My MIDI keyboard is a mid-range one (Yamaha P515). I tested several velocity curves and made my own presets. I can't seem to get anything that comes close to my real piano.


Although the sound from the listener's point of view (for music production) is significantly less rich than my VSL instruments, I have to say that the playability of Pianoteq 8 seemed a little bit better to me. This is all very subjective, of course.


Have you tried Pianoteq? If so, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts.



Posted on Mon, Jan 09 2023 21:32
by Mary
Joined on Tue, Oct 18 2016, Posts 20

Hi C.B.,

I've had the "old" Vienna Imperial but traded that one for the Fazioli F308. Big mistake in my opinion. I should have kept the Vienna Imperial but being a retired musician with virtue no pension, money is pretty tight. I cant keep all those lovely VSL Libraries. The Vienna Imperial is maybe (still) the best of the lot. Sympathetic resonance of world class and separate samples for the soft pedal. So I traded the Vienna Imperial for the Fazioli but as I described before I could'nt get along with that instrument. After a thorough research I could swap the F308 for the Bosendorfer 280 VC. I was in heaven! Together with the Yamaha CFX, whom I truly love, and I should not forget the C.Bechstein Digital Grand I think I've got just the right combination of grand pianos I'd say. I leave the Bluthner 1895 out. I dont consider that piano a serious contender. My Midi keyboard is a Studiologic SL88 Studio Grand. Not the very best but it does the job quit well I think. I did play the Pianoteq 8 once in a studio. I remember the playability was great indeed but the instrument itself was not my favorite I'm afraid to say. But as you state yourself: This is all subjective. If you ever have the change to try out the C.Bechstein Digital Grand please do, cause I can certainly recommend this underrated library! So these are my thoughts on all those great vst libraries out there. Have a good time playing them.

Best regards:


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