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Posted on Mon, Jan 02 2023 20:38
by Omer1
Joined on Tue, Oct 18 2022, Posts 4

Hello guys,

I'm using VEP7 alongside Cubase, and once in a while (every few days) I notice that my Kontakt instruments in VEP start to stutter, make pops and clicks. Then to solve this, I change the buffer size in Kontakt. It's fairly random, sometimes I just increase it a bit, sometimes decrease.

Then when I do this, there are times when it solves the problem and I can continue working, but in other times VEP crashes completely, and it crashes Cubase, and every application loaded in my PC. Then after it crashes, my PC is barely responsive and I must restart it.

That buffer size issue causing problems is apparently a known bug in Kontakt if I'm not mistaken and they don't have a solution for it. They suggest to try increasing it, or just play around with it. But unfortunately this happens very frequently in VEP, while in Cubase it rarely happens that I need to change the buffer size.

Has anyone experienced something like this? Is there a solution for it to not crash the whole system?
It's for sure not a resources problem, it happens in a totally random fashion

Thanks a lot everyone in advance

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