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[SOLVED] Help. I think I broke my Synchron Player.
Last post Mon, Jan 16 2023 by EricWatkins, 3 replies.
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Posted on Sun, Jan 15 2023 14:23
by EricWatkins
Joined on Fri, Mar 10 2006, Illinois, Posts 32

I'm not sure why, but my Synchron Player is suddenly not behaving correctly.  I have many libraries for the player, and never had any trouble at all, but here are the issues I suddenly have:

1) When I mouse-over the browser and select a library, like Synchron Strings Pro, it does not act as it did before.  At first, I thought that there was a new, odd delay between the time I clicked the library and the time thart the menu would open to the next stage of the menu tree.  Then I realized, what is actually happening, is that, I click on one of the little triangle things, and then nothing happens at all, until I move my mouse at which point, it does open.  If I don't move my mouse at all, it will never open, and I know it wasn't this way before.  Oddly, if I am closing a part of the menu, it does indeed close, with a slight delay, just by clicking and with no additional mouse-moving.

2) I also noticed that when I am on the mixer tab, the meters are not working, even though I can hear the signals from whatever mic signals are available.  However, if I am moving my mouse cursor anywhere across the front of the Synchron Player, the meters look like they are flowing at a standard refresh rate, whatever that is.  In addition, the standard overall volume meter (not in the mixer) at the top of the player seems to work just fine, as does the midi monitor light.  So it's as though, everything below that top section, as well as the browser, won't visually refresh without mouse movement.  I don't know anything about this kind of stuff as far as how graphics and animations work inside of software, but that is what is happening in my Synchron Player, and it is unique to it.  Kontakt 6 is working fine.  Also, Cubase is working fine as well.  No issues with graphics at all.  I have 3 screens and the behavior is the same regardless of which screen I put the Synchron Player on.

3) I haven't been able to repeat this, but while messing around in Musca, to test-out all of what I've mentioned above, I suddenly got some random bit-related distortion, like a bit-crusher was coming in and out of the signal.  After I restarted Cubase I couldn't replicate that issue, so maybe that was a fluke.  I mention it just in case all this stuff means something collectively.

Now, as far as things I have done to make me wonder if it's because of me. 

1) I did take the option in Vienna Assistant recently, to replace Synchron Strings 1 with the Optimized Content.  It was shortly after this that I noticed the issues, but I can't be positive that that's exactly when it happened, as I don't use Synchron Player everyday necessarily.

2) The other change I made, was that out of a 3-monitor setup, where my center monitor has always been larger than the other two, I replaced it with an even larger, 4k television.  When I did that, it took a minute to get everything going again with the right screen resolution and whatnot, but as I said, everything else has been working just fine, and I am using the same Windows generic Display drivers as I was for my previous monitor.

I've got nothing but love for VSL, the products and the Synchron Player.  Help me figure this out, please, so that I can continue to have fun composing instead of posting in your forum, haha.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Posted on Mon, Jan 16 2023 12:56
by Paul
Joined on Sat, Aug 03 2002, Vienna, Posts 13811

Hi Eric, 

Thanks for posting. 

I have a few questions for you:

1) Which OS are you working on?

2) Which version of the Synchron Player are you using?

3) Which Cubase version are you working with?

Also, can you maybe send a short screen-video to , so we can actually see what's going on?


Paul Kopf
Product Manager - Vienna Symphonic Library
Posted on Mon, Jan 16 2023 14:10
by EricWatkins
Joined on Fri, Mar 10 2006, Illinois, Posts 32

Hi Paul, thank you.  I got the issue resolved, but I'll still give you the info, in case it may help someone else or in further development.

I am on Windows 11, Synchron Player Ver 1.2.220, and Cubase 12.040

Additionally, I'm copy-and-pasting from another forum, the solution or work-around below:

"Ok, I've figured it out, or at least how to alter my display settings so that it will work.

I have three monitors: 24" Left - 43" 4K TV Center - 24" Right.

1) When having the issues, my center TV/Monitor was set as the main display in Windows 11 display settings. Changing the main display to either of the other two monitors fixed all the issues I was having with the Synchron Player. I moved the player to all three screens and it worked fine on any of them.

2) Then seeing Ben's last replay on the thread, I instantly knew that I had indeed changed the scaling of this monitor. Yes it's a big screen, but 100% is a bit small and I had read where others were using 150%, so that's what I was using as well. So, I set the center 4ktv/monitor as the main display again, and then set my scaling at 100%. That also fixes the visual issues with the Synchron Player.

So now I just need to decide which of the two fixes works best for me. Changing the dedicated main display to one of the side monitors, or changing the scaling back to 100% on the 4K and get used to the size of everything on it.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions for troubleshooting, as that is exactly what got me to this conclusion! This forum truly is the best. I hope the thread helps someone else as well!"

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