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GUI - slower response
Last post Fri, Apr 07 2023 by LAJ, 6 replies.
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Posted on Wed, Jan 25 2023 12:58
by Mikecomp
Joined on Mon, Jul 27 2015, Posts 75


I realize there are many things that can contribute to this, but I am experiencing very slow response when switching from one track to another when the GUI for a synchron instrument is open.  It can take 3-4 seconds for the next track to enable and switch over to the corresponding GUI.    If I close the GUI altogether, there is no problem and I can very quickly go from track to track.  I am using presonus studio one, most recent version on an imac running the most current version of Monterey.  I do have all of my syncrhon products updated. 

I am just wondering if there is a workaround other than closing the GUI - it would be nice to move more quickly from track to track with the GUI visible.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Posted on Wed, Jan 25 2023 18:40
by LAJ
Joined on Sun, Dec 13 2009, Posts 552

 I noticed that too.  But on WIN 11.

@VSL … solltet ihr mal notieren. Ist seeeehr zäh wie sich das SY-Playerfenster öffnet wenn man den Kanal wechselt. Betrifft nur den SY Player. Spitfire-Player und co öffnen sich normal. Ist DAW unabhängig. Das Verhalten trat nach dem switch zu Win 11 auf.

Windows 11, Cubase 12

Posted on Sat, Jan 28 2023 07:26
by ravez
Joined on Sun, Apr 24 2011, Posts 43

Yeah i have same behaviour, no matter the daw.

In Studio One it also stutters any time there is an articulation change, making it impossible to record a smooth cc curve live while the Synchron player gui is open

Posted on Tue, Jan 31 2023 23:21
by Pierre Alain
Joined on Mon, Mar 23 2015, Posts 13

I reportet that months ago - still on win 10 btw. First I was told that the matter was investigated by the devs. Then silence for weeks. Even when I sent them another mail regarding this issue I got no answer. A few weeks ago I asked again and got an answer saying that they are working on a new engine for the synchron players that will probably fix this issue. But I guess it will take another while to finish this so my hopes are down a little bit.

Posted on Fri, Apr 07 2023 13:51
by FrancoisD
Joined on Fri, Dec 25 2020, Posts 11


Same here, win10, S1 pro version 6, Core I7 with 32gb. I don't have this problem with Kontakt or Sine. This makes very annoying to compose with Synchron player.

I hope a new version will fix this problem. Thanks.

Posted on Fri, Apr 07 2023 15:47
by LAJ
Joined on Sun, Dec 13 2009, Posts 552

the BIG „Game changing“ Update has been released some weeks ago. 

It is no Game Changer at all. New Version … old Problems. 

Windows 11, Cubase 12

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