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the new software is completely bug-free, right?
Last post Mon, Nov 28 2005 by Rodney_G, 3 replies.
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Posted on Mon, Nov 28 2005 08:45
by gugliel
Joined on Wed, Aug 25 2004, Posts 383
Maybe this has been said, wondered, asked; seems easy to anticipate:

-- whether the new 'instrument' will work perfectly. Even as an appreciator of gigastudio, I've lost weeks, maybe months, from bugs, bug avoidance, bug workarounds, and more weeks and months from learning kontakt2's bugs, bug avoidances, and workarounds. And those are both products with years of development, large, vocal user bases ... hard to imagine myself being willing to start all that with a new piece of software.
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Posted on Mon, Nov 28 2005 09:34
by Mattias Henningson
Joined on Sat, Nov 30 2002, Borlänge, Sweden, Posts 535
That´s obviously a cause of worry, BUT there is a difference. With GS, Kontakt and all other general samplers it's hard to account for everything a sound developer will do with the application and the fact is that many problems found in these samplers only affect certain sample sets. Since VSL develops both the sample player, the actual samples and everything in betwen they are in a much better position to get a well-tested and well-functioning application from day 1. And...if not, at least they have noone else (but the beta-testers of course) to blame... Smile

Knowing that VSL seems to be the only company working 24-hour/7 days-a-week working hours I actually believe in this. Edit: Not being bug free, but well-functioning that is...

Posted on Mon, Nov 28 2005 09:54
by Rodney_G
Joined on Mon, Aug 01 2005, Posts 61
I agree with Mattias

The fact that the VI's are developed for one single library and by the people who knows this library best (i.e. it's creators) is very promising in terms of good functionality and less (serious) bugs. Adding to that the fact that the VSL team seems to include a bunch of hardcore perfectionists (and I mean this as a compliment), I'm guessing you will experience very few bugs (if any noticable at all)...in any rate in no way near the examples you describe. But of course the only way to know for sure is to wait and see i guess.

Speaking of bugs...well, not really bugs but "problems" and perfection: are there any plans for the future regarding solving the crossfade phasing and the inconsistencies in timbre within some instruments? These are issues already described by others as some of the few VSL "weak spots".

With the VI's, VSL has really pushed the limits of controllability and ease of use...and the system is absolutely brilliant.

Now that you've taken the technical/control aspect of VSL to these new extreme heights, are there future plans to improve on these issues as well?

I know you just released the VI's, so this might be a bit premature. I'm just curious about whether you are considering these issues to be of importance and worth looking into in the future or not?

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