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Recording modulation as automation in Logic
Last post Tue, Jan 03 2006 by Dom, 5 replies.
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Posted on Thu, Dec 15 2005 12:04
by Dom
Joined on Sat, Nov 13 2004, London, Posts 222
Slightly unexciting question here:

I am trying to get Logic (6.4.3) to record my modwheel changes as track automation, not as part of the object, in order to control mod-wheel layered dynamic patches.

Having the modulation in track automation makes it easier to overwrite it, or parts of it with "touch automation" etc. For one, I can't even move the modulation from the object to automation using the command "move current obect data to track automation". This works with volume but not modulation.

I've set up a transformer object in Track Automation Spliter mode, but that converts the controller data into fader data that's not sent out via midi (called "1 unused") rather than "control 1 - modulation".

How do YOU control your 4-layer modwheel patches? Do you always record the modwheel as part of the object or have you found a way to do this in track automation?

Posted on Thu, Dec 15 2005 14:55
by musos
Joined on Sun, Dec 08 2002, Johannesburg, South Africa, Posts 912
There is a workaround for this - for some reason, modulation doesn't seem to appear as a default choice for automation.

Do this:
Select your region(s) in the arrange window.
Go to local <View> menu/Hyperdraw/ and select <Modulation>

With the region still selected, go to <Options> menu/Track Automation and select <Move current region data to track automation>

Your Modwheel data will now appear as <1 unused> automation data. With this visible, you can now work as always....

Regards - Colin
Posted on Thu, Dec 15 2005 16:00
by Dom
Joined on Sat, Nov 13 2004, London, Posts 222
Thanks Colin. That's interesting, your suggestion of going via hyper-draw works but the problem is that in order to change the modulation-automation you still can't use touch and latch - or is there a way to rerecord (as in record automation) your modulation curves in realtime?

Put more simply - can we only record automation of pan and volume and plugin parameters using a controller like Logic (or Mackie-) control, or simply a mod-wheel?
Posted on Fri, Dec 30 2005 00:06
by rawmusic
Joined on Sat, Jul 09 2005, UK, Posts 247
I think the thing is that the track automation offers parameters that are to do with the track being audio based and therefore limited to audio-related functions. Mod wheel is of course MIDI.

I do agree with you though. In the virtual world of Logic, why can't mod wheel be one of the automation options? Particularly when the audio instrument IS MIDI controlled?!
If you can't say something nice...
Posted on Tue, Jan 03 2006 15:47
by Dom
Joined on Sat, Nov 13 2004, London, Posts 222
Somebody on the Logic Users Group kindly pointed me towards John Pitcairn's website (http://www.opuslocus.net/logic/) that has an downloadable ingenious environment which includes the necessary objects and cabling that allows modulation to be treated as automation! I have now pasted it into my own template and it works very well!

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