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how are things with Logic 7.2 and intel mac?
Last post Sat, Feb 18 2006 by hetoreyn, 2 replies.
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Posted on Sat, Feb 18 2006 01:27
by rawmusic
Joined on Sat, Jul 09 2005, UK, Posts 247
So guys, how are things going with the new gear? I am particularly interested, as a fairly imminent upgrade of my hardware will be 99% as a result of wanting to run my VSL stuff more efficiently, and the intel macs are most definitely on the short list!

Keep up the great work!
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Posted on Sat, Feb 18 2006 12:27
by hetoreyn
Joined on Sat, Nov 27 2004, Vancouver, British Columbia, Posts 1157
Well your kinda stuck until they release the new Intel powermacs. You don't want to be doing VSL work on an iMac if you can get a powermac version. And they're not due until Autumn. I've heard the Intel imacs work very nicely and much faster than previous .. but that's ony to be expected since they now have dual processing Stick out tongue

Apparently they have modified the caching for OS 10.4.5 for both PPC and Intel systems so the systems responce is faster.

Personally I'm happy with my Quad PPC system for VSL work... and I'm glad that I won't have to suffer to many .. new bug .. related problems that will come with the Intel systems.

Some of the problems that I've heard are keyboards not responding as they should .. Front row Video being corrupted in playback, and Mighty mouses not being all that compatible with the new Intel stuff yet. I expect they'll iron out these problems soon, but I'd advise that you hold off on purchasing a new mac until they have sorted out all the bugs that will undoubtably come with the newer Powermac systems.

That's one reason I went for the PPC instead. It's tried and tested and most .. if not all .. the bugs have been taken care of.

For info on the new systems and how they perform I suggest you tune into a podcast called "The Maccast". It is a technology audio cast about all things macintosh and I quite enjoy it. The guy who runs it does a great job of reporting all the news on mac stuff. It unfortunately doesn't focus too much on pro music apps, but he does mention them whenever there's news. And it's a great resource if you have a mac problem.


It would be nice if someone would do a Podcast of the VSL. Reporting news, showcasing peoples new compositions with the VSL .. I've thought about doing this myself .. but I'm not very happy with the sound of my own voice Big Smile

Anyways .. stuff to think about.

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