22.When Doubt Arises 9/9/2019 12:00:31 PM
Hello Anand,

Thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts. Enjoy your vacation.

23.ACHILLES Concert Overture 9/7/2019 3:30:09 AM
You're in good company...Faure did similar revising of his Requiem over a two decade period. As for writing it in 1982, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed listening to it then, as I was likely enjoying Sesame Street classics instead 😉

24.When Doubt Arises 9/6/2019 9:34:54 PM

Thanks for your thoughts and perspective on the struggles we face as composers to cultivate an interested and responsive audience, littleweirdo.

I was just visiting with my brother-in-law for the past few days, who is also a professional composer, and we spoke at length about this very issue.  I won't bore everyone to death, but from my perspective on the relative apathy here on the forum specifically, I'd like to offer a few observations:

1)  I've been here only 5 years, (others such as William and Jasen, much longer) and in that time, I've seen boom and bust periods.  Generally, most of the feedback has been generated by a small group of active forum members/composers, most of whom would go in to great detail with their comments.  This always gave the forum the impression of more activity than there actually was.  For the most part, lurkers/passive listeners are the norm, here and virtually anywhere online.

2)  It's an unwritten rule that reciprocity is expected.  Some people are generous with their comments of others' work, and sadly wouldn't receive much feedback on their own work.  This led to some of them abandoning the forum.

3)  There are the typical style wars/political considerations that always come in to play.  Over the years, some composers have been heavily criticized by other forum members, (often for the music, but just as much for personality conflicts) which has led to a decline in those willing to post, for fear of being caught up in flame wars.

4)  Some of the more complex music by professional composers will not fit with the musical sensibilities of the vast majority, who prefer more easily digestable music.  Also, many hobbyist composers will feel ill-equiped to offer any kind of real insight in to the music, and would rather leave it for others to do (which, of course, doesn't happen)

5)  I can personally state that there are those here that will purposely avoid my offerings for their own personal reasons, and for that, I'm not at all disappointed.  I am however, sad that many people whom I had previously enjoyed discussing things with, have left the forum completely (some have emailed me to express this, while others have just "disappeared."  

I don't know where this leaves things, but the best course of action, in my opinion, is to continue to share.  You never know who you impact with your work, even if you don't directly get feedback.  People enjoy music, and if they're comfortable commenting on your work, they will...if not, at least they gave it a listen!  So, my advice to you, littleweirdo, is continue doing your thing.  Music is a part of your life and you clearly enjoy it, so don't let the apathy get you down...instead use it as motivation to become an even more prolific creator.  Eventually, someone, somewhere, will give you the validation you seek, and in the meantime, you can be proud of your own accomplishments.

As for your Debussy comment on my own piece, I probably was channeling Debussy on a subconscious level, but there was no direct attempt to emulate his style :)



25.ACHILLES Concert Overture 9/6/2019 9:15:36 PM

Love it, Bill!  I'm digging the contemplative mood around the 1:30 mark and the suspense at 4:40.  And, as always, the grandiosity of your orchestration shines through brilliantly.  Congratulations on another gem, and hope the sheet music is purchased and performed!

All the best,


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