20.DP and VEPro delay compensation woes 2/29/2012 9:11:27 PM

Hi Labman,

I've yet to purchase VEP5, but with VEP4 my experience is the same as the one you're describing. Me too I have to make use of DP shif plugins to reallign VEP midi tracks since ADC doesn't work. I end up removing percussive tracks from VEP in my template in order to get less time sensitive. I hope that somebody can find a solution.


Hi Karel,

two day ago you wrote that:



22.VE Pro 5 Audio/Event Input in DP 1/11/2012 1:24:03 PM

Hi Karel,

any news about Bounce to Disk addressing issue?

I could really make use of it in a project that starts in a week...

Please let me know, thank you.


23.VE Pro 5 Audio/Event Input in DP 12/23/2011 6:59:14 PM
haydnwalker wrote:
If not already DP users need to be warned of this issue. It just totally screwed up a deadline of mine!!

Sorry to hear that.. :(

Didn't "Freeze" turned helpful for your job?

Anyway I hope that Karel and his team wil soon address this issue.

Best Wishes


24.VEPro4 vs. VEPro5 12/14/2011 8:31:53 AM

Hi David,

I'm currently using Dp 7.24 with two farm PCs W7 64bit. So, to take advantage of limitless usage of RAM, I'm using VEP4 64bit and it works like a charm.

I didn't take the plunge to VEP5 because there is a confirmed bug (http://community.vsl.co.at/forums/t/30474.aspx?PageIndex=2) that prevents DP's Bounce to Disk feature to work correctly with the new Event Plugin (temporarily there's a workaround: "Freeze" seems to be working good so for now is the way to go).

Hope it helps


25.VE Pro 5 Audio/Event Input in DP 12/9/2011 8:26:13 AM
Karel wrote:

Hey Karel,

this seems like a very reasonable workaround untill you find a way to definitely solve it and release a new update.

I really appreciate your efforts, thanks!


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