As Benzon said, the strings sound very nice but I also would be happy to know the migration date in order to dive into VSL for the first time. I'm actually considering the posibility of buying a VSL library without getting the Vienna Key at all and just let the product sleep on my computer until the ILok migration finally happens. But my second problem regarding the migration is related to USB Hubs.

Could someone help me choose a USB Hub thats friendly with ILok dongles?

I'm using a MacBook Pro (mid2012) with only two sockets (one for the audio interface and the other for the hub) and I read that a proper hub for these dongles would have to be a powered one. The thing is that I don't know which one will work and I'm aware that theres a lot of compatibility issues. I can't afford to buy the wrong one or having to go through a buy/return process because it would be very stressful and time consuming.

Of course the Cloud option can be useful but I still need the dongle for a stable workflow.


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