21.pas de patch ! 4/13/2019 4:49:39 PM

Bonjour subplumbodatae,

D'abord bienvenu dans la communauté VSL. Je me permets de répondre en français, mais je dois te dire que presque tout passe ou presque par l'anglais dans le forum afin de profiter de toutes les expertises.

Je comprends ta réaction. J'ai eu à peu près la même lorsque j'ai acheté ma première bibliothèque d'instruments virtuels de Vienna il y a une dizaine d'années. J'ai pesté contre le dongle, les installations complexes, etc. Je dois dire cependant qu'une fois qu'on a bien assimilé comment tout cela fonctionne, ça se passe généralement très bien.

Il peut y avoir pas mal de raisons à tes difficultés. Par exemple, Epic Orchesrta 2.0 est un produit de la collection Synchron et non VI (comme tu l'écris). Le mieux est certainement d'écrire directement à . Ils ont toujours été très patients avec moi  ;-)

Bonne chance!

Claude B.

Works fIne. Thanks a lot Andi.



1- I merged 3 dimensions trees (violons 1: normal, mute and tasto) in a single synchron player instance by copying and pasting one by one all the cells of the first dimension ("Players" column). This is time consuming and it needs some attention/concentration. Is there a way to do this more easily?

2- New SYNCHRONized dimension strings are great in their Synchron studio. But it could be great too if VSL build "dry" presets (removing all reverbs and adds mono pan adjustments like in VIP) for using with MIR venues.


Claude B.

24.VSL Steinway D: The BEST (resolved) 12/31/2018 11:35:47 PM

Originally Posted by: stephen limbaugh Go to Quoted Post

Originally Posted by: stephen limbaugh Go to Quoted Post

I would like to 2nd this observation... and think to a small extent, the CFX could use a tweak fixing the bias towards the fortissimo and fortississimo as well.  It is a timbral issue, agreed.

For the harshest of tone, only the very top velocities should be reserved for it.  (Sort of like "harsh" shorts on the Synchron strings)  For the almost-top velocities, I feel there should be a gradual timbral curve.  But as of now, if I'm in the upper 1/3, it's all pretty "loud" timbrally.

I sent a file over to VSL about the keynoise on the Steinway, which to my ears is really loud, causing a whole lot of noise/mud in the 75-184hz range.  

I have the same issue (annoying key noise on some release notes).The noise is more audible when playing softly (final chord of a soft piece, for example). It reminds me the noise of a silent piano.

The Steinway is beautiful but I agree that hammers are too hard (at least, compared to then my own 205 cm grand piano). It is not easy to produce a «muffled» sound with that software intrument.



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