2.AVAILABLE NOW: Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 5/12/2019 4:20:49 AM

me too. And the opening VEP 7 server on win 10 need around 5 min. What's the problem?

3.VEP6! 8/4/2016 4:19:48 AM

If I want to upgrade one set and buy another set of VEP 6, can the second set priced at 85? Besides, can VEP 6 work with VEP 5 slaves?

VE 5.4.13888 64 bit 

Host Mac pro 6,1 64G ram OS 10.10.5 runing DP 8.07 and 9, with Kontakt 5.5.1 , Play ver.4.3.1 and Space ver.1.1.23

Slave Mac pro4,1 32G ram OS 10.10.5  Eastwest Play ver.4.3.1 loading Hollywood Orch. wth PCI e SSD

Slave iMac 13,2 32G ram OS 10.9.5 Kontakt 5.4.1

Slave PC i7 16G ram Windows 7 Kontakt 5.4.3


bounced wave was without the sound of Hollywood instance because the reload process not completed yet while bouncing completed.


Besides, jumbo frames failed in AU(MAS not tried yet) mode , with Netgear Prosafe GS108T

Dear Sir,

I am using it by DP 8.07 and 9, efficiency improved, however, in bouncing process, all instances reloaded several times in the bouncing process, it used more time, it was OK! but the vital problem is Eastwest Hollywood instance, it consumed more time in loading even I already used PCIe SSD with 32G ram, it turn out the bounced wave was without the sound of Hollywood plugin. My solution was just used AU instead of MAS in Hollywood instance. Can it be solved in the future?


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