YESSSS finally! I can integrate it all! :D

Really looking forward to the mirx settings.

And that's some setup there in those images!
6.Vienna tonight 11/2/2020 9:21:49 PM
Hope all at VSL and everyone in Vienna tonight are OK. Nowhere is safe :-(
7.NEW: Synchron Bösendorfer Imperial 5/26/2020 10:04:39 PM
When will my bank account catch a break 😂😂😂
Originally Posted by: PaoloT Go to Quoted Post
My preferred piano, in the VSLcatalogue, is still the Vienna Imperial. It has that particular singing sound that I don't hear in the other pianos. Each one of the instruments has its own peculiarities, andthe Vienna Imperial is probably the one that has to be at the same time powerful, full and singing in the middle range, bright and smooth in the higher.
It is also light on resources, for today's standards. And can be very dry, sharing the same flexiblity of the whole VI collection.
So, I would find great if it couldreceive the same modern features of the new Synchron Piano Player. As for other VI libraries, it would be great if it could receive a new user interface, new editing controls, and maybe a simulated half pedal. With some re-editing of the original samples in the middle.
The current version is great, and the player excellent. A modernized version would be even better.

I have 3 of the 4 Synchron Pianos and I agree... Vienna Imperial just has something very special about it.
Originally Posted by: bbelius Go to Quoted Post
Hi Eric,
Make sure to update ALL our Players and VEP to the latest version from today (exception: Vienna Imperial)!
Best, Ben

Thanks. Installing now.
10.New VIPro 5 -14 is not working 5/14/2020 3:59:02 PM

This is exactly what I did too. See the other thread. The advice is to rollback all VI and Synchron plugins for now.

Ah crap. Yeah I have this issue too. i got a notification update for the new ensemble, clicked to update and then updated all the VSL plugins also...turns out ensemble didn't update but everything else did: Now I can't load any of the newer updated Vienna Instruments PRO/Synch Pianos/Synch player in the older version of Ensemble though. How do I roll back the instruments btw? UserPostedImage

12.Mir Pro / Ensemble 7 5/14/2020 8:51:47 AM

Ensemble 7 with MIR PRO are working great so thanks for that.

Two weird - and admittedly minor - issues here:

1) if I try and run Cubase PRO 10.5 first, before I run Vienna Ensemble Pro Server, I get an eLicenser crash. Not a big problem but sometimes when I'm in Cubase I want to start a new MIR project, would be nice to be able to run the server even when Cubase is loaded instead of closing Cubase, running server, going back into Cubase. I could do that before!

2) Moving the window of a plugin loaded into MIR PRO (and this seems to primarily affect KONTAKT) from one screen to another monitor by dragging it onto one of my other 2 screens causes Ensemble PRO 7 to crash completely with an unrecoverable error almost every time.

Other than that, sounds great, works well even with lots of channels!


P.S. I just literally got an update notification for Ensemble 7 :D so I'll see if that fixes it.

13.MirX extensions for Synchron Stage 2/12/2020 2:21:04 PM

I wonder if any other users are frankly getting tired of these mini releases and "synchronised" releases...

...why not release the MIR-Pro extensions for the Synchron Stage for correct instrument placement and EQ etc.? That would be far more helpful to me, and I'm sure a lot of other users.

14.French Oboe 8/14/2019 11:25:51 AM

I tried removing directories from directory manager, adding them back in, rescanning etc.


My solo strings disappeared as well. Removed, readded, rescanned. Solo strings back but no French oboe to be seen still :(

15.French Oboe 8/13/2019 9:16:18 PM
So I tried reinstalling just in case...

I have the licence!Ap2LunXySRqHgosFqIpJvo-mRYzRmQ

And the full oboe files!Ap2LunXySRqHgosEM33V_BZk79qG8g

But nothing showing in the player except the oboe under woodwinds one (level 1). No seperate full French oboe visible in the download instruments in the player. :(!Ap2LunXySRqHgosHBppqLpZilJY3SQ!Ap2LunXySRqHgosGht_H1y03BzU4lw

Very weird.
16.French Oboe 8/12/2019 4:42:24 PM
Hey Sam yeah it's a bit confusing... I have the VI woodwinds I standard library but bought the full French oboe download edition. Normally my download instruments are in the... Err.... Download instrument folder (trumpet in Bb etc) but the French oboe doesn't appear there. The only French oboe visible is in the woodwinds I collection and the ext instruments aren't appearing. Have checked directory manager and it points to the download version of the full French oboe, and the elicenser shows both l1 and l2 french oboe licences. Think I'll reinstall and see if it helps.

Should've just bit the bullet and got the full woodwinds I licence really but I was feeling cheap and really only need the extra articulations in the oboe 😁
17.French Oboe 8/11/2019 11:51:32 AM


This is probably (I hope) an easy fix...

I own the woodwinds I collection and have bought the french oboe (oboe 2) full version download. I have installed it but none of the extended articulations are showing in VI player or VI PRO.

The L2 licence for the French Oboe is present in the eLicenser and the directory manager points to my Oboe-2 directory....


Not having this issue specifically but if I load the vienna server after cubase 10 instead of the other way around, the amazing elicenser software crashes. Has done this for years though not just with cubase 10 pro.
19.MIRx Synchron Extension 11/7/2018 2:09:50 PM

They're making more money out of us doing the Synchronized versions. ;-)

20.Vienna Protection Plan 10/17/2018 8:40:59 PM

Originally Posted by: Paul Go to Quoted Post

Hello everybody!

We're very happy to finally announce our solution to lost/stolen/broken ViennaKeys: 

  •     Protect your valuable VSL licenses for 2 years
  •     No downtime when reporting a ViennaKey as lost, stolen, or broken
  •     Simple and straightforward

For a fee of €70 per ViennaKey, the Vienna Protection Plan will cover your valuable VSL licenses for two years, no matter how many licenses are stored on each ViennaKey! No downtime for you, no more worries!

Here's a link to our FAQ's


I much prefer the Waves and Adobe Creative Cloud model personally. USB/machine licence storage choice is so much better; or checking over the internet like Adobe Cloud. eLicenser is tech from the stone age nowadays....

21.[SOLVED] Smart Orchestra Issue 9/11/2018 6:37:04 PM

The FX sound presets are made up of layered strings, wind, percussion etc. in different combinations :D

They have names like "Ice" and "Air"....but my favourite is "Bumblebee Mod" which sounds like some of the Spitfire Audio type synth presets. Just the perfect movie trailer expensive sci-fi synth layer sound :D

22.[SOLVED] Smart Orchestra Issue 9/11/2018 11:48:34 AM

I think maybe you're confusing channel FX with the FX sound presets in the new Smart Orchestra :D although yes I agree on the FX front....would be cool to be able to load Suite FX in :D :D :D

The percussion presets are a really handy way of loading up a percussion section quickly too. I like the trailer percussion preset. Nice stuff.

23.[SOLVED] Smart Orchestra Issue 9/11/2018 8:17:25 AM

Originally Posted by: derek_gibbons_10742 Go to Quoted Post

I've installed Smart Orchestra but it's not showing up in the Synchron Player. I've installed the latest version, pointed the directory to the vsynvolume folder for Smart Orchestra but I can still only see my other Synchron library not Smart Orchestra :(


Ugh. Clearly I haven't woken up yet.

Downloading the licence to the elicenser helps!

Sounds great too. Love the full orchestra preset with mallets on the shorts. Going to come in handy for quick sketches on the laptop this :D


The FX PADS are worth the 95 euro alone.

24.[SOLVED] Smart Orchestra Issue 9/11/2018 7:55:43 AM

I've installed Smart Orchestra but it's not showing up in the Synchron Player. I've installed the latest version, pointed the directory to the vsynvolume folder for Smart Orchestra but I can still only see my other Synchron library not Smart Orchestra :(

25.Synchron Strings I 11/27/2017 9:48:41 PM
Glad I we didn't jump straight away :D
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