22.Logic + MIR PRO 3D and Dolby Atmos 7/26/2023 11:37:29 PM

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Hello Dietz

Thanks for your Email

Oh, really? I didn't know that I sent you one. 

Is the DearVR Pro plug-in is mandatory ?

No, but it's a great, platform-independent way to listen to binaural 3D mixes on headphones.

Do you only need this plug-in ?

No, of course not. If your DAW offers built-in ways to listen to 3D audio, use them! We just can't help users of each and every DAW in that respect. Dear VR is our "lingua franca" in that respect.

What is the special deal with this company ?

Please contact for the latest news. I know there was an introductory offer last year, but I can't say for sure if it is still available or not.

23.Logic + MIR PRO 3D and Dolby Atmos 7/25/2023 7:13:48 PM

I don't really understand what the screenshot is supposed to show, but I strongly assume that you want to recall MIR's "Natural Volumes" for Vienna Instruments. You can either recall the respective Venue Preset and make sure that only Volume it applied (deselect all other parameters in the right bottom selection area), or you simply select one instrument after the other in the list on the left side by means of the cursor buttons and click the Natural Volume button in the panel on the right.

25.Room tone in Mir Pro 3D 7/13/2023 10:59:12 PM

It depends on whether you are working in VE Pro or in a 3rd party host:

-> https://www.vsl.info/en/manuals/mir-pro-3d/plugin#roomtone-generator



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