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it seems like the Rearticulate plugin is not really meant for the piano player

Rearticulate is due for better handling of articulations and playing techniques (disclosure: I don't have installed it yet).

Synchron player should appear along other available VSTi and AUi and be loaded as any other host plugin in your Reaper project.

I read you recorded your track with a Kontakt based library. You can load Synchron and delete Kontakt from your track (thus having the latter playing back the midi notes you recorded) or duplicate the track first and, again, load Synchron instead of Kontaky.

Hope it helps

Yeah! Thank you Sam!
I'll test it soon.
Though a SE user, I'm sure the basic shall work the same.

Everyone wearing a 7506 has my appreciation.

Thank you for sharing (and speaking in such an undestandable way).

6.VI - Semitones 4/9/2020 1:39:03 PM

Great! Thank you!

7.VI - Semitones 4/9/2020 10:33:43 AM

"Bother people about how VSL works while locked at home", episode 4.

Does the "Semitone" control accept positive increase only?
(Wish I could set to -2 for more "pitch trick" flexibility. I know I could do it in DAW, but doing it in VI allows me not to re-set keyswitches, as I already do moving 2 semitones higher — one more than a fire drill compared to a burger alarm, incidentally.


8.VI - What's A/B for? 4/9/2020 10:26:23 AM

Thank you for all your replies.

I assume that patch parameters (1-2/a-b mixer, envelope etc.) are not autamatable, right?

9.VI - What's A/B for? 4/5/2020 5:14:31 PM

"Bother people about how VSL works while locked at home", episode 3

In VI there are Y, X and AB controllers. Can't remeber what's the third one for…

Also, are patch slots switchable "vertically", other than horizontally via x-fade?


10.David & Goliath - New piece with VSL 4/3/2020 8:42:16 AM

Lovely piece.
How does it fit with your "Bible Stories"?

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If you disable the IR and don't use MIR PRO you still have to use the transposition trick if you want to play the same note by the two violin sections.

Do SY_SE and VI_SE even share the same sampleset content, then?

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Hi Fabio!
Yes, the Solo Violin 2 and solo Cello 2 are lite versions of the Single Instruments Solo Violin 2 and Solo Cello 2
Best, Ben

Thank you for your reply, Ben.
I was typing from mobile phone, so not that comfortable for elaborating questions.
The "2" Solos are great additions, though I was referring to Orchestral Strings.
May SY-SE Orchestral Violins in conjunction with VI-SE double as Violin Sections I-II?
In this case I could get rid of the "pitch trick" and avoid keyswitch reassignements.
All that for a mere 47€...


Doing this way (drying out the SynchronSE) is it possible to use the Synchronized SE Violins as Vln1 and the VI Violins as Vln2 ?
14.SE - String glissando 3/28/2020 1:48:39 PM

In this second installment of my "Bother people about how VSL works while locked at home", I will ask you how to achieve belieavle glissandi with Special Edition strings.
Tight chromatic portamentos doesn't seem to work; also tried some DYI sample stretching by freezing an interval in DAW using portamento patch, tricky but effective, at some extent.
I wish to use it on strings playing pp in the background, so belieavle is enough than realistic.
Any hint?
Keep safe.

15.'On Soudley Ponds' 3/23/2020 2:41:50 PM

A lovely piece, Paul. And a good starting point to develop your love affair with composition.
I guess output is from pretty raw notation software, isnt'it?
Try fine tuning the mix, let nuances be revealed: listeners will be pleased.

16.What are "Repetition" patches for? 3/23/2020 11:45:26 AM

Thank you for your reply, Paul.

Synchronized-SE, VIPro etc. … Such a tempting scheme, indeed.
I was lloking into Synchronized-SE at the time of their launch, then I went involved in rock band live performing for the last two years — less Sibelius, more Stones.

When all this trouble will pass, hope to able to visit Vienna and VSL HQ.

Take care.

17.What are "Repetition" patches for? 3/23/2020 9:41:53 AM

Back to Vienna while locke at home, I spend some time to learn more about it.
How to use "Repetition" patches — even the "Performance" ones — at their best?

Thank you.

19.Fairwell friend (Paul McGraw) 3/17/2020 7:39:53 AM

Sorry to hear this. A great loss for the Community. My  condolences to Paul's family.

Had such a good time listening to the whole of your Romantic Symphony.
Well written and rendered — just that harp in the 1st Movement, sounds a bit loud in the mix from here.
Great effort. Bravo.

21.Sinfonia n.1 - moderato, poco mosso 2/16/2020 6:51:04 PM

Well done, Maestro.
Found it full of Italian spirit, in the wake of our underrated instrumental tradition of the past Century — I was incidentally listening to some works by Pizzetti, before switching to the forum…
And then it's not epic nor cinematic. At last!

Hi, Steve.
A lovely sample of "film music", really.
May I suggest you to skip the piano from 1:40 to 1:54? it would be nice to leave strings and woodwinds alone to carry the theme reprise. This will add a bit of tonal variation.
Waiting for the final mix.

23.Symphony No. 1 in D Minor, Op. 10 4/23/2019 8:10:25 AM

Quite an interesting work indeed.

SE has lot of potential in the right hands.

A bit dryier sonic environment can help feeling things more closer.

I'm halfway of the opening Adagio. More on the go…

PS YouTube returns "not available".

24.HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 1/1/2019 7:00:41 PM

Hppy New Year Everybody!

I just started this year's Christmas day with 0:47 of really fine music.

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