4.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 2/12/2023 11:46:34 AM

I cannot complain about any music software companies as I am certain of their willingness to do things right but I think this unacceptable delay in releasing a M1 version of VEPRO or other plugins is likely due to a lack of technical or financial resources. VEPRO is a sizeable investment and an amazing product : it saved me a lot of time in my projects, connecting my VSTs with my notation software Dorico.

But I have a beast of an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro with universal DAW and Notation Software working so well on huge projects so I cannot wait any longer. I decided to change my Apple Silicon setup and found a way not to have to use VEPRO anymore. This is a pity. And VSL is not the only company creating these situations : I had to drop my amazing Altiverb plug-in because it is still not Apple Silicon Native after years. Same type of vague communication.

What surprises me is that it seems to me that no company commited themselve about a particular deadline. I have been told when  was young that the waiting was far more acceptable when you knew how long you will have to wait.


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