Great Thanks!


Grey = Instrument parameters in use but not part of currently loaded Venue Preset

Black = No assignments (default parameters)

Blue = Part of currently loaded venue Preset

*/Disk icon = Edited Parameters and option to save as part of currently loaded Venue Preset

Thanks again,


If I am working in stereo only, is there anything to be gained by using the '3D to Stereo Downmix' and ' 3D Surround Downmix' presets?


Yeah, those unassigned upper most instruments are the result of loading the Venue preset. Which, as you can see in the first video, was saved correctly with the correct profiles and without the basses icon 20 feet of the stage. 


Originally Posted by: Dietz Go to Quoted Post

You haven't defined them for the top-most Instruments yet, it seems.

In the first video you can see that the Venue Preset has been saved with the correct profile assigned to the top most instruments in the list. See picture below. But on loading that Venue Preset in the second video those instruments have now lost that  profile assignment and are now at the default cardioid profile. Also, the second video shows the Basses icon is way off the stage to the right for some reason.



Are you referring to the Auto Aim issue? Or are you referring to the Venue Preset issue I illustrated in the videos?

I did update with a link Andreas sent me for the latest hot fix which fixed the channel dragging bug. And the Auto Aim is now working perfectly!.

Here are the two videos showing a Venue Preset not recalling the Profile or position data correctly. Note this behaviour only happens if I close the VEP project and then open it again before loading the Venue Preset. Which is why I made two short videos instead of one long one.

This video shows the state the Venue Preset is in before closing the project. Note the Profiles.

This video  shows that on loading the Preset, the Basses icon is not in the saved position and the Profiles are now the default Cardioid profile.


Deleted By User


I created a support ticket and Marnix got back to me. Unfortunately he said that the project file I sent him worked perfectly on his system. Here, Auto Aim is unusable. What should I do?.


I have encountered this issue time and time again. Where I save a Venue Preset, all instrument states are saved along with it but on loading the preset at a later date, things look seriously different than what  I saved it as. And along with looking different, every single instrument in the list on the right has a disk icon and asterisk next to it. How could this be the case?. On loading some Venue presets it honestly looks ridiculous; some instruments are pointing 180 degrees in the wrong direction. Also in this short video you can see that engaging the Auto Aim function this icon is certainly NOT pointing at the mic array.


P.S. Yeah, something is seriously out of whack here. See video.

10.Some gripes about MIR Pro 3D 2/15/2023 2:27:09 AM

The way we can [Ctrl] click the H (Hide) button in the instrument list on the left to isolate an icon is great. But when doing the same with a group the behaviour is different.

If I [Ctrl] click the H button of one of the channels included in a group MIR hides every icon. Which means I must carry out an additional step of 'Unhide selected' in order to view the group in isolation.

 It would be great if [Ctrl] clicking on one of a group's H buttons isolated that group.

Also, when working with multiple venues, it would be great if the instrument list on the left only contained the instruments used in the selected tab. Or at least an option.

For best performance, apparently have 1 instance per CPU core is optimal. Or 1 per 2 cores if you have a 16 core CPU.

12.Fixed windows in VEP Pro 2/13/2023 12:33:06 PM

Yes, I am getting the automation window appearing on loading my project. Even though I saved the project without it. You can try the following method and see if things improve.

Go to the View menu in VEP and select 'Save default window layout'.

It doesn't fix the automation window appearing but it may help with the other issue you are having.

I have reported the automation window problem to VSL support and got the following answer.

"I was just notified by our developers that this can actually be fixed by saving your default window layout.

Close the automation window and then save it as your default window layout. Any new instance you create will not have the automation mix automatically opened.

Existing projects will always open up as saved, so if you have a template, close all your automation windows for each instance and save the project."

It doesn't work VSL!

13.VEP insists on showing automation 2/9/2023 5:45:54 AM

At the start of every session I must go through all my instances in VEP and hit the F5 key just so I can see my channels. It doesn't matter how the project is saved.


14.'Remember' doesn't work 2/2/2023 12:48:11 AM


Going on 3 years now. It might be time for VSL to upgrade this forum. Just check out the emojis we have to choose from. 


15.Some gripes about MIR Pro 3D 2/1/2023 1:49:47 PM

Great! Thanks for that.

Those typos must have been due to me trying to rename things to get them to load properly. I had assumed Roles were assigned based on channel not based on name. Now that I understand that, I should be okay.


16.Some gripes about MIR Pro 3D 2/1/2023 1:07:26 PM


Thanks for answering my questions.

Here is a video showing the Role presets not loading when they should be.


17.Some gripes about MIR Pro 3D 2/1/2023 4:21:52 AM

I am having difficulty getting Roles to load correctly. After loading a Venue preset, what causes an instrument to  be grey in the list on the right in the Role window? And what causes the * in the instrument name after a Venue preset is loaded? 


And there is some weird graphics glitch going on as well. See pic.

18.Some gripes about MIR Pro 3D 2/1/2023 2:55:35 AM

(Deleted by user)

19.Some gripes about MIR Pro 3D 1/31/2023 12:46:55 PM

It doesn't matter what colour the instrument is, the font will be white. This restricts greatly our colour selection choice to dark colours in order to see the name of the instrument properly.

And the selected instruments label should DEFINITELY come to the front of any surrounding labels. At the moment there isn't any particular system. See GIF

The little white highlight that the selected instrument currently has is completely insufficient and easily gets lost with all the other small white things on the screen

In a nut shell, lots and lots of improvements need to be made to the graphics of this software.

20.Some gripes about MIR Pro 3D 1/31/2023 12:12:08 PM


It came to my attention that the way colourizing works with labelling in MIR is different to the way it works in VEP. 

In VEP if the colour is too bright the label will have black font and vice versa. In MIR the font stays white even with very light colours making it very hard to read. See pic.

I understand that dark font is reserved for the selected instrument but don't see why the selected instrument's magic eye can't pulse bright yellow or maybe have ball or object orbiting it or some other highly visible graphic of some description.  The little white highlight that the selected instrument currently has is completely insufficient and easily gets lost with all the other small white things on the screen. BTW my eye sight is fine.

And the MIDI activity should be much much brighter.

And the selected instruments label should DEFINITELY come to the front of any surrounding labels. At the moment there isn't any particular system. See GIF



21.Some gripes about MIR Pro 3D 1/29/2023 11:31:00 PM

Originally Posted by: Dietz Go to Quoted Post

Just try it! Creating a new tab is as easy as clicking the "+"-sign in the right of the displayed Venue name on top of the map.

This works really well. 

I am still getting many many crashes with MIR Pro 3D.

If MIR is still active in the task bar after closing a VEP project that uses MIR, when opening a new VEP project that uses MIR, it will crash.

Also, clicking on the preferences or the settings cog in the top left while MIR is active in VEP will cause it to crash.

I am on Windows 10 Using the latest versions of VEP and MIR.

22.Some gripes about MIR Pro 3D 1/29/2023 1:32:47 PM


Yes, I discovered the channel height toggle. So now my workflow is much faster with MIR. :) 

One question, what purpose does dragging channel(s) onto the stage area of the UI serve?. See GIF.

23.Some gripes about MIR Pro 3D 1/28/2023 3:42:46 PM

I am really enjoying the sound of MIR Pro 3D. Especially the latest RoomPack 7.

However, the UI is a bit of a mess IMHO. For instance. If I am working in Cubase and would like to change some settings in MIR for a particular instrument, to focus MIR Pro on that instrument (because I actually have over 100 instruments) I must do the following:

Open VEP, select the correct Instance, navigate to the correct channel, click on the MIR Pro plugin to bring up the MIR pro UI, click on the 'Focus' button then open MIR Pro 3D from the task bar. Way too many steps!!

I have tried work arounds with all the features of Bome MTP. But due to the lack of a search field in MIR I am unable to overcome this cumbersome part of my day to day workflow. 

A solution might be to allow narrow channel heights on the left side. This would allow more than 12 instruments to be visible at any one time without the need to scroll. Or a search field.


Yeah wow! 7000 MB/sec. That's fast. I doubt I would need that much data per sec for what I am doing. But my mobo does support M2 PCIe NVMe ssd.'s so I might check that out. 


My SSD's are reading at around 500 MB/sec. 

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