Thanks, Francesco.

Indeed, it requires quite some insight in the samples, but mainly a lot of critical sense and self-criticism if you want to get near to a live performance. But it must be said, the VSL (here VI full) samples are outstanding for such delicate music. Orchestral music is a lot of work because of the quantity of instruments and notes, whereas small chamber ensembles demand a lot more accurateness and experience with the patches (and knowledge of the instruments and their techniques as such). It looks simple, but as you know, it isn't!

Thanks for having taken the time to listen and comment.


25.Schloss Salabim - a Wizard's Soundtrack 7/29/2021 4:56:51 PM

Hi Armin,

I've listened to all 11 pieces and I must say that it is a great, wonderful job. Fine themes, beautifully recorded and well mixed. You probably had your reasons for the type of orchestration, but what I miss is some variation in the instrumentation, rhythms and sonic contrast. In piece 7 you used a lot of upward and downward glissandi which are - to my taste - unnecessary and even a bit boring. I use them sparingly and only when absolutely required in the sort of music. (Not all glissandi are possible.)

But as said, the whole suite gives an insight in your talent, orchestration skills and fantasy. It was definitely worth the listen to all of the 11 pieces! "Heros Journey" has a very lovely building-up, but here again, I would skip the glissandi.

Thanks for sharing,


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