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New Steinway 60 layers preset for new VSL Piano Full player V1.3.368 update (27 april 2023) (fix releases samples)

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Attached the latest 60 layers and dynamic Fix, for D-274 based on Real Steinway D.

All 60 layers are used in new velocity curve.

Attached :

(the .xls , the . velmap and the demo preset)

4.Synchron Pianos User Patches 2/27/2023 1:18:14 AM


The Final version of D-274. corrected layer Velocity and the good layers number :

attached :

5.Synchron Pianos User Patches 2/25/2023 9:39:39 PM


Here Calculation .xls to fix Steinway D-274 fix, to use the most important sampled layers (50/60).

The last layers taken by the VSL robot 50 to 60, are unreal for me. (no pianist finger behaviour)

Attached good files (wrong files in previous post):



6.Synchron Pianos User Patches 2/25/2023 4:29:37 PM


Here Calculation .xls to fix Steinway D-274 fix, to use the most important sampled layers (50/60).

The last layers taken by the VSL robot 50 to 60, are unreal for me. (no pianist finger behaviour)

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Originally Posted by: Keagan Daz Go to Quoted Post

I finally found the Best Velocity for my Steinway Hamburg that I love!!

I have Deeply researching it for a month and here is my method.



VSL Steinway on Default Velocity Curve, I kinda hate how it sound so hard.even thouogh I play pianissimo. Unlikely CFX, I kinda love CFX response feel.



1.I need to find out how many Layers they really have by using Fabfilter L-2

and I got 60 Layers (Silent key included)

2.Make it True Linear by X = Layer*100/60, Y = 100-(100/128*midi signal) 

3.I load the Velocity Preset on CFX and play. WOW it more response But Steinway's response feel still so hard.

4.I use MIDISHAPESHIFTER to curve the True Linear by reference from CFX.

5.I change The X to make it curve like SOLUTION 4.


at first try, I don't even trust that I made it so I leave from it for a moment to rest a bit,eat some snacks and play it again.the resource still unbelievable!!.


Keagan D. Milos


I've tried it and Bravo :) good work i will use it.


i Would no change the EQ. But the velocity map. Seems that robot capture to much FF /FFF velocity layers. Seems to have well equal velocity capture between keys, but not behave like a pianist finger.

(if i compare with a lot of hamburg Steinway i've tried)

With default velocity curve, when i play PP , I ear Mf, et Mf ->FF

So the best is to Try this velocity Fix, (The idea of the Robot was fine, but not calibrated like a human player)  :


Olivier F.

Inside velocity file you can copy/past this too :


    "data": "[[0.0,1.0],[0.232742,0.757794],[0.485207,0.652278],[0.769231,0.479616],[0.879684,0.326139],[1.0,0.0]]",

    "id": "velocityMap"


9.Synchron Pianos User Patches 11/26/2022 10:08:22 AM

Here VSL Synchron V6.2 for LOGIC 10 (MAC) with Sympathetic Resonance between Keys :

Video example :


10.Synchron Pianos User Patches 7/19/2022 8:18:07 AM


Only for Mac / Logic Pro 10 users : ( VSL Synchron Steinway D-274)

".Logicx" preset :

to add Silent Key and Sympathetic Resonances on VSL Synchron Steinway Steinway D-274, V.1.2.68 player :


Inside .zip : scripts, and presets for each Logic Track,  are available, if ".logicx" preset doesn't work

(You can use the script in the same Way in Logic for other VSL Pianos)

V4.4 updated - 28 July 2022


Olivier W.F.


before next improved Sympathetic Resonance VSL update, here a Script Soluce for silent Key, and overtones, only for Logic pro 10 users (Audio Unit Version of VSL Piano Player):

Link : Only for Mac / LOGIC Pro 10 users

(One track for the main sound with Silent key/ Second track modified for Sympathetic resonance)

V3.8.8 : Updated -> 23 July 2022 :

-> added Overtones rules

-> use the Powerfull EQ VSL feature on each Steinway keys, to use only the first partial at +18dB, in Sympathetic Resonance Logic scripted track : (Very real now)

Latest version in this folder :




Olivier W. Fr.

12.Synchron Pianos User Patches 7/13/2022 7:22:09 AM


Here the improved presets V2, with better velocity curve :)


Olivier F.

13.Synchron Pianos User Patches 7/12/2022 4:16:14 PM


Here, my presets for Standard and Full Edition of VSL Synchron Steinway D-274, for Yamaha NU1X, N1,N2 N1X, N3X, Kawai Novus 10S... all hybrid pianos


Olivier F.


I use the Steinway-D trial.

The sound is incredible -> the best Sampled Steinway around the world.

But i don't understand why there is a "Sympathetic Resonance" setting in Synchron Piano player :

-> this feature doesn't work. even if i set it to 0 dB -> no rules between undampered keys.

I love this Steinway, and the soluce to add silence Key and Sympathetic resonance is here :


to VSL : just add a Silent Key

and a Switch / option 1 or 2 :

1) Sympathetic resonance with sustain samples only : ok actually when you press pedal down (but if you release up whil key is still down, is still sustain samples that is used)

(already work this way in VSL without Pedal up-> down or down->up transitions) : CPU safe solution

2) Sympathetic Resonance between keys / pedal up / down with DSP engine for close mic(s) only

(like Garritan CFX soluce) : more CPU)

I love this Steinway, but please make a real Sympathetic Resonance DSP engine


Olivier F.

Originally Posted by: julien breval Go to Quoted Post


I bought VSL Steinway D-274 and this is the first VSL software I use. I did some tests and I like it with these quick and dirty settings:
condenser level = 0dB, mid level = -3dB (this is really to bring some harmonics that are missing in the condenser tracks), room mix level = -9dB, all other microphones = off, pedal noise = -24dB, body = 33%, sympathetic = -3dB, modified velocity curve, 12 voices/key, no reverb, no EQ, everything else = default


to save CPU, disable Sympathetic resonance and not set to -3dB -> this fx doesn't work, the developpement is nos finished. set it to minimum to disable it. (like defaut presets)


Olivier W.


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