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Saxer wrote:
legato only again (including trills):

I really like this a lot. Sounds a little "Stephen Sondheim-ish", (That's no insult though) -- In fact I half expected to hear the words "Isn't it rich, Are we a pair..." at about 0:15. Wink

Very warm, lush and beautiful. Love the swells and the overall dynamics. A good advert for DS.

I'm thinking of getting Dimesion Strings at the moment, so I'd be interested to know how much work it was to get this result.

Thanks cm,

That sounds like a reasonable plan. I'll get onto it now.

My understanding is that you can only have the licenses on a single key at any one time (eg. no backup copies etc), and I guess the original creation of the license on the key (performed when you purchase the product) is a one-off procedure, or is very difficult to repeat.

It sounds like transferring from one key to another is the easiest method, but I imagine that in a worst case scenario (eg. if this key was no longer un-readable) then VSL would be able to validate my products and provide me with a new license(s) for a replacement key.


Hi Groctave,

I'm like you I think. (I do like a sale Smile )

I had wanted the Vienna Imperial for a long time, so when it came on special last year at about a 30% reduction I decided I could finally afford it, so snapped it up.

I think that one of the issues, as I see it on the orchestral side, is that from a composer's point of view, I want access to as many articulations and dynamic choices as possible, so that there's maximum creative options available. Taking the string section as an example, It seems that libraries such as SOLO STRINGS I and II for example are designed for this purpose, BUT you only have access to a single voice, right?

If you just want to compose for a real orchestra that's not a problem I think, --- you'd just pick a solo instrument with the maximum articulations for each of the orchestral instruments you wanted, and do the orchestration the old way, using your own judgement wrt.balance and timbre. 

However, if you also want to try and emulate the balance and timbre of a full virtual orchestra, or go even further to producing and publishing your music, then you need to add more polyphony (for which one of the ensemble libraries eg. Dimension Strings, Orchestral Strings, Appassionata Strings, or even the Special Editions are required). --- The catch here, is that these libraries, although they have multiple voices / instruments, they don't include the full set of articulations that the SOLO libraries have, so you would then have to sacrifice some of the more advanced dynamics that you may have already composed for using the SOLO library(s).

So, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that there's a bit of a CATCH-22 here: you can have the full expressiveness with the SOLO libraries on a single voice, but then it's not possible to make use of this full expressiveness across a fully polyphonic orchestra, because the other (ensemble style) libraries, whilst providing the polyphony, don't reproduce he full expressiveness of the SOLO / SINGLE instrument library(s).

I may be completely off track here, as I've never used any of these libraries, but this is how it appears to me from looking at the "Sample Content" pages of some of these libraries. (Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong).

Your comments about Epic Orchestra were interesting. Although I think that I read something to the effect of what you are saying about the ochestra being mapped to the keyboard that way, I thought that was just a default preset and that you would be able to change it or create your own mappings as it suited you.

So, you've told me something I didn't knoiw, and if that's the case, then maybe Epic Orchestra is not a good choice. That said, it sounds like the Vienna Ensemble Pro software is still a good investment.

I have in fact considered your last suggestion (the idea of getting individual Special Edition Vol.1 Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion, however I suspect that I would probably want to also have the PLUS versions as well for the extra articulations that they add, which would I think push the cost up to pretty much the same as (or even more than) the cost of the entire Special Edition Vol.1 Orchestra Bundle.

I too, largely agree with jasensmith's suggestions, but I'm on the fence about the versatility / expressiveness of the Special Edition instruments. It does seem to be the cheapest way to cover the main orchestral instruments, but I don't want to spend money on it now, and then find that I'm not satisfied with it and end up having to replace it with the FULL library instruments at a later date. That would be a waste of money, which in that scenario would be better spent on some fully articulated instruments instead (even though in the long run that's going to make for a much  more expensive orchestra).

The problem is that, at best I can only afford one of these libraries at the moment.

Dimension Strings I suspect may be a good investment at the current price, but no-one has yet indicated whether purchasing this would also require the more advanced software, and therefore extra cost. -- This choice would also mean I would be limited for now to Piano and Strings.

Special Edition Vol 1 Bundle would give me a complete orchestra now, but I obviously still have my doubts about the expressiveness of it's instruments (compared to Dimension Strings or any other libraries). It does seem however to be the cheapest way to cover all the bases wrt. the core orchestral sounds.

I think I'm going to have to stop sitting on the fence, and decide on one or the other, (but perhaps neither Sad ).

Thanks guys for your helpful comments.

Keep 'em coming if you have any further thoughts! Wink

Mr Smith,

It certainly is a conundrum.

I assume that when you say "SE extended", you're referring to : "Special Edition Vol. 1 Bundle" which includes standard and extended articulations, and is currently € 595. (Have VSL had promotions on the Special Editions in the past? If so, do you remember when was the last time, and by how much were they discounted?)

I wonder if you can elaborate on the reasons that you don't use this anymore. What combination of libraries do you currently have that makes the SE obsolete for you, and why?

(I'm not sure of the wisdom of getting a library that I may not even use in a few years)

Any observations about the software?


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