19.Server Mode vs Standalone 11/21/2015 1:26:35 AM

Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with large templates in StandAlone mode VS Server. Specifically, I'm curious which allows for the most robust template. 


Because Server mode enables a ton of functionality for a very low price point (no audio card, midi interfaces, etc), does it come with some penalty to processing? I'm starting to hit a wall with my current template in Server mode, and I'm starting to troubleshoot where the bottle necks are. 


It's an expensive upgrade to move everything into Standalone mode, currently using 24 Stereo audio channels (48 total), and 23 MIDI Ports. I'm wondering if anyone here has made the switch and noticed any benefits.


Thanks All!

Hi Paul,

After downloading the latest version, I'm still finding Pro Tools is having the same problem.  Is there any update on a fix for this?

Thank you!


Thanks Paul!  Appreciate the response, and glad to hear it's a known issue.  I know you probably can't get into release schedules, but hope it comes soon.  Looking forward to enjoying your software again without obstruction.  Thanks again for your hard work!  

I was able to open template in PT11, and no problems there.  In fact, VE Pro runs dramatically better in 11.  Unfortunately, still waiting on a couple AAX updates from D16 before I can work there.  

Regarding Pro Tools 10, would appreciate hearing from any of the Vienna team.  Anyone else encountering this?

Thank you!

Pro Tools 10.3.8 is crashing when closing multiple sessions with Ve Pro .  I slowly removed plugs from the Plug In folder, Pro Tools closes normally when VE Pro is removed.  Put it back in, and I get the crash again.

Additionally, when opening sessions with VE Pro, PT always crashes exactly once.  The first time trying to open always crashes, the second time it loads successfully.  

Anyone with Pro Tools experienced this or have ideas on how to fix?  I've trashed all PT Prefs to no avail.  

Pro Tools: nMP 6 Core Mavericks 10.9.2 

VE Pro: Dual Xeon, Windows 7, 48GB Ram

Edit: VE Pro 5.3.13240.  Just updated VI to latest but problem persists.

Do you have a wireless network adapter?  If so, try disabling that in the system bar and use VE again.  At least just to see if this is a factor.  I get this exact same problem when I accidentally connect wirelessly, instead of over Gigabit LAN.  

Also, make sure you've followed the steps to create static IP addresses for both machines if you haven't already.  I like to use 169.254.1.X as my wireless network defaults to the usual 10.0.0.x.

And try connecting the computer not through your router.  Try plugging a CAT6 cable directly into each computer's LAN ports.  See if these help.  This REALLY reminds me of the network issue I had.

For some reason, I finally got the dreaded "stuck notes" everyone has been talking about using DP 8.05 with this latest update.  I tried to double check a few things.  First was a restart of both Master and Satellite machine (upgraded both at the same time).  I also tried running with and without Auto Delay Comp.   

Once the usual set of tricks didn't work, I downgraded back to 5.3.13045, and everything is back to normal again.  It's very strange as I've heard about this problem but never experienced it myself until now.  Seems like an absolute nightmare to try and diagnose as it varies so much from user to user.  

In case anyone else runs into this problem, 5.3.13045 is working for me.  

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