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With a dongle you can take your license anywheres to any machine in any studio.


Why on earth would you want to?

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 Besides if you want to use a licensed plugin that has a machine license on another machine you've got all kinds of hoops to jump through. Not so with an iLok or Vienna Key.


No hoops at all! I have 3 VEP licenses using 3 dongles on three computers. Three machine licenses would be so much better! I've machine licensed hundreds of plugins and never had a problem.

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The cloud is not reliable and it means you have to have your daw computer online. Most studios don't allow their machines online. And a machine license restricts you from easily moving your asset to another machine - again the computers would have to be online.


I've used machine licenses for years and they have been just fine.

It seems to me that the whole point of this move is to get away from hardware licensers. I use Cubase and it will soon be rid of it's elicenser which is great for me as I have a new Macbook Air M1. If I have to have a dongle I might as well use the elicenser(s) I already have!

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What's so bad about carrying around a small dongle anyway? Compared to the size of the computer it's minimal.


Exactly! Easy to lose. Also, new laptops (like my new M1 Air) have fewer and fewer ports available so you have to also have usb hubs...

It's a shame there's no machine licensing. Steinberg just announced it's upcoming licensing, basically you get a three moth license before you have to connect to the internet again, also it looks like they're offering a one year license as well. This is for TWO computers.

With VSL, I'll either have to be online 24/7 or still carry a bloody dongle around...I don't mind on my desktop but with my new Mac M1 it would be so nice to be dongle free!


I'd just like to re-iterate how useful it would be to have a third option to have iLok locally on each computer therefore not requiring a dongle OR an internet connection.

Ok that's a shame. It would be perfect for me if I could have my 3 licenses on my Main comp, server and laptop and not have to worry about internet or hardware.


Will there be Ilok computer authorizations as well as hardware Ilok?

Will we be able to put a license on a computer rather than the cloud or physical Ilok?

Bump again...

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