5.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 2/13/2023 5:41:20 PM

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I'm curious, are both of you using Cubase? I'm annoyed and waiting for the native version for sure, but because the Rosetta AU version is limited tracks wise and I'm waiting on the MAS and VST3 versions for larger templates. For most work though the Rosetta AU works here, barring a few GUI glitches! 

I use Cubase 12, in Silicon Native mode. Mac Studio M1 Max (Mac Pro 2013 and Mac mini 2018, both 64GB, as farms.

6.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 2/12/2023 6:03:36 PM

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I had to drop my amazing Altiverb plug-in because it is still not Apple Silicon Native after years. Same type of vague communication.


You may not have to drop Altiverb. I've been using AudioGridder 1.2.0 (Beta 15) for months now, it allows me to use Altiverb on a farm computer. In some ways (and for that particular application), it's been more useful than VEPro 7 was. I too eagerly await a silicon native version of VEPro, but having a very busy work schedule, could no longer afford the wait. AudioGridder has allowed me to keep working sans VEPro.

7.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 10/15/2022 2:05:43 AM

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are there any realistic alternatives?? The lack of urgency is intolerable.

AudioGridder is native. I haven't used it so I don't know how well it works, I still would prefer to stick with VEP. But I'm still not in AppleSilicon yet (but soon!) so I can wait, unlike some of you folks. Hopefully you find an alternative, even if its temporary.

I began exploring Audiogridder (silicon native) with Cubase Pro 12 today on a Mac Studio (M1 Max) as my DAW computer, and a 2013 Mac Pro and 2018 Mac Mini as farms. Audiogridder is working beautifully, with the added (and significant) bonus of letting me use effects (CPU-hungry reverbs etc) residing in the farms. There are several Youtube videos on the subject. Oh, and Audiogridder is available for free. As I've only now started exploring this avenue, my remarks reflect a very optimistic assessment, but nothing more, at least for the moment. Having said that, I have a project that can no longer wait, and VSL's schedule is a mystery, so I must move on to Audiogridder. I had hoped otherwise.

8.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 9/21/2022 9:23:01 PM

I'd like to add my voice to the discussion here. At this point, having migrated successfully to a Mac Studio, Vienna Ensemble Pro stands out as the only software in my studio not yet ported over to silicon, or at least (and to be fair), the only critical piece. My sincere hope is that VSL will soon release a version capable of running natively on the M1, and I mean within days or weeks. Frankly, I'm starting to consider other options, and as at least one other poster has pointed out, once another solution is adopted, there may be no going back to VSL. I've always held Vienna Ensemble Pro in high regard, it is an elegant solution for professional composers. But VSL's sluggish response to the inevitable is disheartening.


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