6.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 3/5/2023 11:53:54 PM

So I think you make a valid point, that VSL wants to prioritize their VST instruments over VEP.  But I always thought that was kinda backward.  I've been working in film scoring for 15 years and have worked for several A-List composers and I've never been in a studio that had VSL VST's as their primary libraries.  Maybe a couple patches here and there, but never the whole template built around VSL instruments.  So despite their marketing, I've always thought VEP was their most popular product.  


So is their VST instrument market way more popular than VEP?  Is that why VEP has been deprioritized?


Genuinely curious.  For context I don't own a single VSL VST instrument.   


Originally Posted by: Michael Canavan Go to Quoted Post

Hey no disrespect meant, but it was mentioned that VEP was in beta months ago, so it's great that Synchron is AS and all, but anyone who thought about it from a business perspective knew that VEP would not be first to port, since then you would be showcasing Kontakt, Play, Spitfire libraries native AS support while highlighting inadvertently that Synchron etc. were not AS compatible yet. 

 So great news, not sure how it relates to this thread in general? since it's still months away from native support, just now with an offical announcement. :) 

7.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 2/13/2023 8:45:16 PM

Had a session this weekend, couldn't drop below 512 buffer size without VEP crashing Cubase.  Even though I've got plenty of CPU headroom.


Really wish they would release the bridge plugin....


It's been 2 years and 3 months since M1 was publicly available.  Not counting the DTK.

8.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 1/30/2023 11:43:53 PM

Originally Posted by: Michael Canavan Go to Quoted Post

One thing, IMO it's a travesty and poor business move that they did not release Apple silicon native versions of the VST, MAS, and AU VEP plug in at the least. This wouldn't require low level code etc. and would make it possible for Cubase users to actually use their DAW along with an Intel PC or Mac server, or even VEP in Rosetta using the native VST in Cubase. I can't think of a rational excuse this didn't happen. 



I agree, I just need the bridge plug-in.  Nothing else.  VSL can take all the time they want to make the server application M1 Native as far as I'm concerned.  Although, I understand other people need that more than I do.  But I feel like people would be more forgiving if they released the bridge plugin and then said, okay it's gonna be another 6 months for us to re-code the server application.  At least then, we would have a work around.

9.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 1/17/2023 10:11:31 PM

I check this page at least once a week.  I always thought VSL was one of the better tech companies, not so much any more.  I would have been so happy if they rolled it out in phases, all I need is the VST plugin to be native.  I, like many other people, host all the samples on a PC.  So I only need the bridge to be native.  Then of course they could have rolled out the host software later.


That seems like such a simple concept, but here we are...still waiting...

10.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 12/6/2022 10:33:27 PM

Originally Posted by: glasswing Go to Quoted Post

Just got the note that Pro Tools will be releasing a Beta that is compatible with Apple Silicon.  Avid is one of the most cautious software developers out there.  If VEP doesn't step up to the plate soon, that wonderful, unique and incredibly USEFUL Swiss Army knife will become a fossil.   I don't need new libraries.  But I would like to have all the old sessions I did with VEP to work. 
Apple Mac Studio Ultra / Pro Tools



Agreed, I'm constantly shocked that companies such as SoundToys and Avid are ahead of VSL on this.  I know that it's probably more complicated than I know, but clearly other companies are figuring this out.

11.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 11/23/2022 9:57:14 PM

I really doubt that it'll be another 6+ months.  My guess would be end of year, or January.  VSL has publicly said on this forum thread that they are currently working on M1 native comparability and it will come out soon.  Or something like that, I can't find the exact post.


Btw I'm not saying I'm not frustrated, or that I'm not shocked that VEP is the last thing in my setup that isn't M1 compatible.  But they did say it would be soon, hopefully they actually meant it.

12.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 10/18/2022 10:16:08 PM

Wait, what did they do today?  I don't see a native version yet.


Also, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but Sound Toys (the slowest tech company in the world, lol), beat Vienna to the M1 Native punch.  VEP is now officially the last plugin I own that is not M1 Native.

13.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 9/28/2022 7:10:13 PM

PS: for what its worth, I've been running VEP through Rosetta in Cubase on a Mac Studio M1 Max since June and it's been mostly stable as long as I don't go below 512 buffer size.  If I go below that VEP starts to crash and act up.  I'm very much looking forward to a native version so I can drop my buffer size, but otherwise it's been very stable.

14.VEPRO and Apple Silicon M1 9/26/2022 7:45:05 PM

I haven't used it in a long time, but Bidule by Plogue might work for you.  At the very least it's worth checking out.

Also @VSL as an alternative to silence, check out what NI did.



They posted an estimated timeline and sent everyone an email about it.  Just saying, some companies choose to communicate.

I've found another form of a work around.  (dare I call it a fix)


I have an insanely large template 1000+ instruments spread accros 6 VEP instances.  I found that not all of the 6 instances were getting CPU spikes during tempo ramps.


I then narrowed it down further by disabling external sync in Kontakt to find specific kontakt instruments that would cause spikes.  I found that in my case Action Strings were causing the spike.  If I removed them - I no longer have spikes during tempo changes.


So I'm going to go through my whole template and find patches that are tempo sync'd and causing this spike issue.  I'll then place them on a seperate VEP which I'll know to disable if I'm gonna have a tempo ramp.


I'll just have to learn to not write with those specific patches during a cue with a tempo ramp. But this way it frees up the rest of my 1000 instruments and "quarenteens" the few problem children.


I'd be curious to see if this helps anyone else.


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