Episode 4 – Recording under Arctic Conditions

Capturing Impulse Responses (IRs) for the recently published Vienna MIR RoomPack 5 was quite a test for the immune system of our recording team. As chirping birds are not really the “background music” you’re looking for when recording sensitive audio material, the ideal period for such a project is winter season. Vienna MIR RoomPack 5 is dedicated to the late gothic monastery church of Pernegg, Austria, and as exceptionally beautiful and warm the acoustics of this sacred space is, as uncomfortable and hard can be the working conditions. Churches are usually not heated and not designed for stays of more than one hour, and as recording impulse responses takes several days (and nights!), the clothing and footwear of our team look like those of mountaineers on a high alpine expedition. Additionally, batteries of thermos flasks and a fairly large stock of vitamin C are part of the standard equipment in order to “survive” this kind of recordings without any health issues.

Vienna MIR RoomPack 5 – Pernegg Monastery includes nearly 5,000 impulse responses and is an optional addition to our Vienna MIR PRO mixing and reverberation software (and you may enjoy the superb acoustics of this monastery church in your cozy warm studio or living room).

The MIR Crew at Pernegg monastery church

The MIR crew at Pernegg monastery church