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Bass Drum:

Bass drum - Mallets

Bass drum sticks

The bass drum is generally struck with the bass drum stick. This has a thick handle and a thick felt head which is considerably larger and heavier than that of the large timpani mallet.
Head: Diameter 7–8 cm.
Material: wood core with thick felt wrap.
Handle: Length 25–35 cm, made of beech or hornbeam.

Smaller bass drum sticks with thinner handles and soft felt heads are used for strokes at lower dynamic levels. The sound they produce is more slender, and they are also used for the performance of rolls.
In rare instances timpani mallets are used in the orchestra for rolls on the bass drum, or for rhythmically complex or rapid passages. This depends on the type of drum head, the size of the instrument and the passage to be played.

Bass drum mallets

Bass drum sticks

Other sticks

The bass drum is sometimes beaten with other sticks to create nuances or effects:

Hard felt sticks: the timbre is harder and has less volume.
Leather sticks (French: mailloche): wood sticks with heads wrapped in leather. Produces a hard timbre.
Wood sticks (like cymbal or xylophone sticks): sticks with wood heads. Sound dry, hard-edged and noise-like. The attack is distinctly audible.
Side drum sticks: sound very dry, dead, hard, precise and noise-like but are far too light to produce the bass drum’s full resonance.
Brushes: depending on which technique is used the sound produced is between hissing and buzzing and is also noise-like.
To produce a hard timbre with less volume marimba or vibraphone mallets are used.