• New Orleans (Bass trombone)
  • Destiny's Battle (Bass trombone)

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Bass trombone - Sound characteristics

Brassy, powerful, overpowering, solid, tense, penetrating, dramatic, hard, full, sinister, soft, round.

In general the slightly wider bore of the bass trombone lends it a somewhat darker timbre and fuller sound.

Bb0 – Bb1
Easy attack thanks to the slightly wider bore.

Lower register
B1 – F2
Upper portion similar to the tenor trombone’s low register. Typical bass region, true trombone bass range, powerful metallic sounds, sforzando tones easily executable.

Middle register
F#2 – F4
Slightly darker than the tenor trombone.

Upper register
F#4 – F5
The highest notes are somewhat harder to play than on the tenor trombone.